Friday, September 4, 2009

"You KNOW ME...Right!????"

Mr. Wendell doing his "meet and greet" before his {REALLY BIG} show. Wendell says... Hey!....Yah sure, I know you!!!

Anne says...."O.K. Funny Guy....Who am I!?

{Silence}...from Wendell???????? {wow! and to think I caught it on film}!!
Anne says.....O.K. so let me give you a hint. Do YOU get a pay check from the one and only great PFH itself???? WHO do you think is processing all of that stuff???? Now do you know who I am?

Good Wendell....yes, dear....I know I'm your NEW BEST friend!
Wendell and Anne Johnson , aka one of the best Georgia Bull Dawg football fans you'll ever know! GOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!
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