Sunday, September 27, 2009

Moustache Kitten!

Awwww-ahhhhh! Cute little moustache kitten! Isn't (he?she?) cute?
She(?) is sooo sweet too! I sure wish I could find her a home before....well....we won't go there. Let's just say there are a few critters bigger and wilder.

"Aren't I sweet? I don't eat much...really!"

This is her Momma, Chin-y. (notice the black spot under her chin?) There were several black and white kittens in her litter when she was born. This was the only way I could tell them apart. Another one had a white mouth with a black moustache. I called him "Charlie" after the ol'time comedian with a hat and swung a cane and smoked a cigar (I think) "Charlie Chan"? Anyways, when "Charlie" got older, he would babysit the other, younger twins and he became "Uncle" Charlie. But...alas, Uncle Charlie disappeared one day and I never saw him again. Sigh...he was so good.

So here sits Chin-y, next to my patio flowers. (can you tell I like red flowers?) She is the oldest and only survivor of the group! I would have her fixed...if I could catch her. She looks tame...but is VERY wild!
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