Friday, September 11, 2009

G.P. John remembers...

I was (in my car) sitting at the lights, getting ready to turn left into the Pavilion to go to "Starbucks" when I first heard the news that a plane had run into the side of one of the World trad towers. As the radio speaker continued to comment, there was an audible crashing noise...silence...then even the news reporter started shouting "we're being attack!" This radio station, which is famous for its' well known pranks, quickly dispelled any intention of pranks and conveyed only the sincerest attempt of seriousness. Once at Starbucks, I saw only a couple of women,who were sitting at a tables. I suggested that they better go to the nearest T.V. because NYC is being attacked. They responded with a wave of their hands, rolled their eyes and ignored his advise. Boy would THEY be supprised!
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