Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starting the Year with a GIVEAWAY!!


Whew! Time flies by.  Well over 2 weeks went by in a flash!


           to start things off right, let me tell you about a

give-a-way that Anne Lorys of the 

Fiona and Twig.blogspot has announced!

Annelorys mag postsidebar2

All of the followers of her blog,

can enter for a chance to win the brand new, premiere  issue of

“Romantic living”magazine!

If your not already a follower, it’s simple to sign up under “followers” on her side bar.

Just like mine.

Anne is a very skilled photographer.   Not the average run- of –the- mill kind either. 

She is the “why didn’t I think of that?” a simple but elegant,  polished photographer that makes you day-dream back to a simpler,sweeter time when you see her photos! 

She has done some FABulous shoots with a romantic, vintage edge that speaks of a unique and talented eye.

003 copy


Anne has been published in many magazines. 

Just recently, she  had her very own photos AND  wrote her own article ABOUT her photos in

“ Artful blogging”!





AnneLorys byline

Yes folks…she’s THAT good!


So head over to her blog.             Leave a comment.  Become a follower.

If you mention her give-a-way on YOUR blog,  facebook, etc…you get entered twice!

roseperfume vintage image graphicsfairy007cbg

I’ll be back blogging soon.