Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother, Josephine!

This is the only photo that I have of my Grandmother as a baby.  I believe that she was about 2 years old.  E. Josephine Wells Robshaw, born 117 years ago today.   {imagine, laboring in this kind of heat?!}     DSC_0156DSC_0160 {pardon my little kitten, Angel who INSISTS on holding my LO with her cute little paws!!}  Thanks Angel, got it! I loved this picture of Josephine and her niece Ivah.  I used Jenni Bolin paper, vintage photo buttons and {yup, I admit} I totally “scraplifted” Stephanie Howell’s LO.  {from last spring I think}  Umm…Thanks Steph! ;)


Here’s a photo I restored of Josephine. I believe that she was about 7-8 years old. She must have been at the cottage on the coast of Conn. She loved kittens and cats of any kind.  {me too}


Josephine and kitten

  Here, Josephine is in her teens.  She  had a love for reading.  {something, unfortunately I didn’t develop until my adult years}Josephine reading

Nannie with Robshaws at Wareham, Cape CodI adore this photo of my Grandmother sitting on the dock at Cape Cod.   She loved the ocean and must have had a lot of wonderful memories from living her summers  on the Cape.  Here, Josephine is in her 50’s.

Although I was only 9 years old when she passed on.  I have a lot of precious memories of her!  I’m so thankful for each and every one!  Happy Birthday Nannie!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back from Cape Cod…

{big sigh…little sniff}

I’m still remembering how WONDERFUL it was to stand by the sea

shore and just…

                  breath!DSC_0408 Then,

slowly exhale…. and  again, a                


deep breath in…hold it….

and exhale…


Such “good medicine” in that salty-air-breeze!DSC_0410It was WONDERFUL to relax in a sand chair, close your eyes and just…listen to

…the wind blow its’ gentle fresh air breeze and feel the warmth of the sun on your face! DSC_0406

Just doesn’t get much better than this…does it?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Little Jo---Big Jo

Here are a couple of layouts I did from the photos I recently posted.  My Grandmother Josephine {Jo} sitting, perhaps on the church/school stairs with her classmates.  I believe it is circa 1902 (ish) I’m thinking Josephine is about 8 years old here.  Yes, she is the one with the silver arrow above her head.  In regular light the arrow doesn’t stick out quite as much!

I used the Pink Paislee’s Parisian Anthology paper from the “house of three” designs.  Love the resist doilies. {my inking technique needs some practice!}  I think I’ll try the glimmer mists next LO.  DSC_0038

DSC_0044I used the new glimmer mist, “Pop Rocks” to dye the white seam binding purple { I LUV this color!} and again on the Parisian Anthology letters.  I used the “Little Women” {image found online} reference b/c my Grandmother was also called “Jo” {and Louisa May Alcott’s home was not far from where she grew up—her books were a house hold staple!}DSC_0043 The index card is a reproduction of an actual page that came out of my Great Uncle’s book. {Josephine’s big brother}  I can’t get over how NEAT his handwriting is!  Especially b/c I work with a bunch of Dr’s who have terrible {sorry guys} hand writing!!!   Uncle Howard was a Dr. too.  But I guess the big difference was turn of the century technology…except for typing, WRITING was the only other  VISUAL communication they had.  DSC_0043 I’m still impressed.  The photo “button” is from Jennie Bowlin’s kits.


This next layout, Josephine is now grown with a grown daughter (my Mother) of her own.  That’s her on the end, right hand side.  I think she was beautiful!  Her hair turned pure white at 30 yrs old. Here, with her extended family, who enjoyed many summers at the cottage on the Cape!  Pictured here are mostly “Robshaws” with the exception of Barbara (furthest left) who was a “Coles” and my Grandmother’s niece.


DSC_0033 I again, used Parisian Anthology paper and “fussy cut” the Webster papers. Glimmer mist the wooden Pinkpaislee letters.  The lace edging made with Martha Stewart’s new-er punches.  And of course, finished it off with some twine from the Pink Paislee Soiree line!

DSC_0034 Of note, I found a key tag , hand written in pencil “Wareham” faintly on it.  I scanned it into my computer and then reprinted it.  I have gone over the faint writing with ink…but that’s truly a “find” for me.  The key is from that same era, but have no clue what it belongs to.  Now, they rest together on my Cape Cod remembrance LO!

DSC_0035 Glimmer mist with “Bahama Blue” on the wooden letters.

DSC_0037 My cute little family!

DSC_0036 More of my “fussy cutting” of the Webster Papers.  I added some “stickles” for accent.


I will be visiting the Cape soon.  When I arrive, hopefully I’ll meet up with a cousin who now lives on the Cape.  Her Mom is pictured here {Doris—second from the left}.  I don’t believe she {my cousin} has ever seen this photo of her Mom, who has now passed on.  My cousin is a lot like her Mom…I remember them both smiling…always smiling.  Beautiful way to be remembered; don’t you think so?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer time, Summer time –Sum-Sum-Summer time….!


Here’s an early 1900 post card sent to my Great great Aunt Elizabeth (Lizzie) It must have been some pre-summer time (June 22nd)  work on the cottage in Westbrook, Ct (SW coast of Conn.) because the

writer of the post card “E.H.” (?) talks about having the “barn covered and shingled by Tuesday night when they expect to return home. Top postcards from CannanThe faint oval outline (in pencil no less) is to show the size of the “long clams Fred has dug”.  Cute?! 

Top-1 This is an old, 1940’s photo of the cottage my Grandparents had in Wareham, Ma Cape Cod!  Set up on a bluff, it overlooked the River inlet that led to the Atlantic Ocean. They sold it in the late ‘50’s –early 60’s when I was a little girl, but I LOVED going to “the Cape” even though I only went a few times.  I’m planning another visit to the Cape soon! I can’t WAIT!!!

Josephine VBS 1900  And what would summer be like without going to Vacation Bible School???  I found this old photo of my Grandmother, Josephine {Top left} and her little friends.  Photo taken 1900-1901.  Could this be a VBS group? (I love the big bows on the girls hair!) Above,  this is the photo, untouched as I found it. 

Josephine colorised VBSAnd this is after I did some photo restoring in Picnik.  Aren’t they adorable?!!


This is a group shot of my Grandmother, Josephine (right side, white hair) They are sitting on a dock in front of the cottage in Wareham. The rest of the folks are Robshaws too. {of note, my Grandmother, Josephine had white hair from the tender age of 30!}

Nannie with Robshaws at Wareham, Cape Cod

Ahhhh……Cape Cod, there’s nothing like it!!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Country ‘tis of thee…


Happy July 4th! Here is my “July” card. Originally inspired by Bluebird Paper Craft; aka Creative breathing tag- a –long challenge started this past January. The challenge was to make a card for each month. This (and most of the others) card is approx 5 x 6.5. {although the original tags of the challenge are just “tag” size-I altered mine a bit ;) }


{images found on-line and from graphic fairy}



DSC_0059 I used a little of my Stickles stash on the greenery.  FINALLY got to use my red studded stars too!!  YAY


DSC_0056I meant to embellish (not cover up) the “July” on the little mini-calendar.  Hopefully you can still see it.


And finally, I love this little guy.  Seems like I always had his job of picking up the flags and putting them back in their proper place after a parade or Patriotic Parent’s night!

Our fire works are starting early here in the deep South with thunder storms.  Hopefully to pass before the real fireworks start tonight.   Happy 4th!

Stay safe!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

And now…for the flip side!



This well preserved post card from 1914, is still bright with color

and the linen-type front is still pretty white!  I love the saying on the front…

“Take your blue umbrella and pack your carpet bag, and come and make the visit you’ve talked so long about.

Don’t wait till you “get ready” nor till you “have the time”

Tho’ you’ll always find a welcome and our latch-string hanging out.”  LFP


On the flip side of the post card is a precious plea…

“Dear Elizabeth:  Why don’t you and Aunt-Sarah take a run up here, I am sure there is no good excuse for not coming.  Come to So. Framingham and I will meet you, be a sport now.  We will give you a good time.  With love, Edith


Pretty neat huh?  Just thought I’d share this July 4th weekend!

Friday, July 1, 2011

It’s JULY!!!! Oh my stars and ….postcards!

I could not find any true 4th of July postcards, but these are

Summer time related!

Vintage postcards(1909, 1912)  from my Great Aunt Molly and Great Aunt Edith’s stash!  Feel free to download them.  Personal use….of course ;)

   So…perhaps this summer you’ll be staying at a cottage by the water. 

                                              Or, take a boat ride down the river?

Maybe visit a local Botanical Gardens.    {click on image to enlarge}                              

vintage summertime postcards  Hopefully you’ll be packing your bags soon to take a little holiday!


Wouldn’t it be fun to explore a Navy Ship? (not in action of course).

summer time todo

Perhaps a visit back home.  That’s what I hope to do soon.  For a little soul restoration and some plain ol’ R & R!!!          I added this cute little “greetings” card (circa 1910’ish)   Sorry about the upside down nursing Book advertisement (circa 1919)  The 1921 calendar corresponds with this July 2011!


This is an actual cover off a jelly glass that has survived all these years.  WOW!  I don’t think I have ANY glasses that survived over 15 years (and THAT’S pushing it) and here this glass is about a 100 years old?!

jelly jar top

Another Cushman’s advertisement for Father’s Day.

Yes, I KNOW it’s past father’s day, isn’t it cute?

sumertime favs

…And last but NOT least.  These photos are really blue and white!  The three ladies dressed up with their white lawn dresses, hat and umbrellas are my GREAT AUNT MOLLY AND AUNT EDITH and my Grandmother Josephine!

I just got to say….Thank goodness THOSE kind of bathing suits and caps are a thing of the past.  (it cracks me up though)  I think it

might be Great Aunt Molly.  She was the daring one!

Have a great July 4th!   Stay SAFE!

summertime 1911

Of course EVERY 4th of JULY needs to have their own first aid kit!