Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! It's sunny and 70 degrees here in Atlanta!
A butterball turkey, stuffing and gravy! Yum!

and thanks for Becca for making this cute Thanksgiving "card"
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"Girls" cocktail hour!

Yup...this is as CLOSE as Molly gets to being a lap kitty!

Ahhhh...just me, my Grammy and cheese and friskees! A wonderful Thanksgiving!
Angel says..."how come I can't lay on the table too?"
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Molly sticks like glue! to Grammy

"I wuvs my Grammy Brown"
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And finally some backyard fall folliage

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Antique photos...hmmmmmmm

For quite a while, I've been thinking about how to restore some of these treasured old photos.

This one here of Dad, has become so pitted in texture.
Was it just time...or being displayed without a glass frame?

After scanning it into my computer. Yikes...scarry! (the 1st original scan)
this tint wasn't much better!

Ahhhh.... thanks to PICNIK photo shop!
Much better...don't you think so??
Soooo darn cute!!!

If my father was here he'd simply say...
"You noticed!"

Then, I took my grandmother's photo.

Put a light lavender tint on it.
It was ok but a bit foggy.
Added some touch ups,
thanks to my new BFF (Picnik)
and look at this!
She looks "human" again!
We called her Nannie, she played the piano.
We thought she was beautiful... inside and out!

We were right!
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After tinting (basic Picasa 101)

I started with these two photos, thought...hmmmmm... they're "O. K." But, can I do anything more with the color???

Picasa is great to photo the begining;
now I wanted to move up a step or two.
Yes, they may only be "baby steps" but I'm moving!

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to this...using my PICNIK photo shop

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from this...

now I DID put a blue tint to the top
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This came out pretty cool!

I love to be able to highlight Roger in color! And the flag (needs work I know) in the back ground. Of note, I was one of the majorettes marching behind the band. ( skirt) ;)
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This is cool....

Great picture of Roger when he became an Eagle Scout. I think this is one of the BEST photos of our Mother! She was watching Roger and not worrying about the camera.
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Just "had to" change it to this...

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Started with this....

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to this...

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Are they cute or WHAT???!!!
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from this picture...

(post) cropping
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To this.

Adorable, yes...and I am sure that he must have been cold, wind blowing after all, hence the squinty eyes were probably a reflex thing....and not trying to imitate a chipmunk!!
After all, this IS in New England AND it is winter time!

Although, I think chipmunks are ....after all...Adorable!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

My Dad, Douglas A. B. (in the dark Army uniform) don't know what year (help me out brother Roger). Doesn't he look handsome?! I'm so proud of him. So thankful of the four years that he served in the Army! Strong work guys!

Yay! My patriotic brother with a flag that is bigger than he is. What a grip, bro!
There's my Dad! Front right, tall dark and thin. Every one could "dress right" on Doug Brown! Great to have this pictures! A little blurry,....MOM!...but still thankful to have them! Happy Veteran's Day! Thanks for giving us freedom!
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