Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweetheart Roses for my Birthday!(Oct. 27th)

Look at these BEAUTIFUL roses that my Brother, Roger and his wife Jane sent!!!

I LOVE them!

Aren't they pretty?!!
Thank You! You were sweethearts to send them to me on my birthday!
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"Floral Fluffies!"

And I have too many self-proclaimed, furry pawed helpers in the finer art of floral arrangement! Like..."let's see how these posies would look in a PUDDLE of water! Hmmm....delightfully flavored with rose water...yummy!"

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"I WILL be good....I GOOD...I will BE GOOD"

"I will be (pretty) good"

"I will be (almost, pretty darn close to)...good!"
"Is she still looking at us?"
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"I'm being good...I really am!" I'm going to just... sit here. while I (plot)...ahh...(sneak) ...shoot...I mean...(ahhhh nuts)...just one bite hmmmmmm???
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ahhhh.....fall time in ....(?) Georgia? Boy, do I miss New England this time of year! I saw this cute picture and thought I would share it on my blog too. {thankyou black flip-flops}


it helps.
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The Broncos WIN!

Bennett Mill Broncos score they're final win of the season! But it was touch and go for quite a while there!

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The GREAT BRONCO paces back and forth from the side lines! C'mon MEN!
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The Cheer Leaders strike up another Cheer!!

Who's this cute cheerleader? Hmmmmmm......she reminds me of somebody?!
Ya know...? She makes me think of someone that I work with.
Who could this GIRL be? {he he he!}
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And flip! WOW! {I love this shot!}
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And cheer some MORE!

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And the band plays...!!!
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There's Ryan. Number "75"! {look at him....isn't he cute???!!}

Whoops...can you say "cute" about a football player?

Anyways.... he's TOUGH {Arrggghhhh!} He has worked really, really hard this football season. And it shows on him too!

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