Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out by my Red Door

I couldn't believe how beautiful my lillies are this year. I took these pictures yesterday before I went off to work. The sun was just starting to shine directly on them. They're out by my front door and they smell wonderful! I definitely took time to stop and smell the...lillies!

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I am lov'n this camera of mine! Too bad it doesn't have picture "scents"

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

Douglas Allen Brown (1921-2000)
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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Dad. We miss you terribly. We (I) think of you all the time. Tonight, I saw "sky blue-pink" as I was walking Mom home after having pizza at our house and I thought of you! Working in my garden, doing yard work...I think of you. I know you are happy in Heaven...but I miss you. I am glad that you will never have to feel the pain of cancer again...but I'm lonely without you. I love you Dad! Thanks for being my Dad and putting up with me, teaching me things I never knew I had learned until I became an adult. You were my "go-to" person for almost everything, cameras, best photo shoots, lighting...then there was spelling, memory work, and general every-day, want to know what you thing...kind of stuff! You taught me to value even the simplest kindness, reach for the stars...and hope for the best. You were the best Dad I ever had!! O.K. ....you were my ONLY Dad.....but you're MY Dad...you're Roger's Dad. We were ...."all you lucky people"!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scrap Etc. ~Atlanta May 2009 Digital Scrapbooking with Jessica Sprague!

Wow! What a speaker...teacher...artist!

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Jessica Sprague! Highlight of this Scrapbooking event 2009!

All of us, Kelly, Maria, Debbie and myself were thrilled to attend Jessica Sprague's Digital Scrapbooking class!! She is such a gracious lady, very down to earth, a real computer "Gandhi" yet able to simplify things down to our level! Or at least mine! Jessica, (pictured in the brown sweater, black glasses and holding the microphone) gave a wonderful presentation, computerized of course, and showed how digital scrapbooking could be incorporated into even the most digi-challenged scrapbooker! Had a GREAT time at the Atlanta Scrap Etc. Event!

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Lavender Orchids!

Couldn't resist trying out different shots with my new Nikon camera! I love how the close up of the orchid is crisp, while the back ground is blurry! I wish I could tell you I "planned" it that way...I simply had my camera set on "idiot operator"! I love it! This hotel has a beautiful gardens, water features, cascading waterfalls and stone stairways....as well as great accommodations!
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I (heart) these little guys!

I just love, love, love these feathery sweethearts!

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Awwwwah! Poor little fellow!

Did the wittle ducky have a wittle bit too much to dwrink?
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Photo Ops at our Hotel! Gorgeous!

Can you pick out the little rubber ducky stuck in the waterfall?

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Scrap Etc. Event ~Atlanta May 2009

Kelly, Debbie, Maria and I attended the ScrapEtc event held at the Crowne Plaza in Dunwoody (Atlanta)! We had a ball! Lots of "celebs" from the Scrapbooking industry! Wonderful classes and a bunch of fun new embelishments, papers, glitz and bling! Cropping Nights (in our p.j.s)! Whoops, Kelly's not going to like the first PJ cropping night photo, but the one of her alone is fantastic! Maria is just plain going to "kill me" for adding her picture...but it's cute! Isn't it girls!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Yey! I have a brand new roof!

Thankful to have my roof intact now that I can hear thunder...rumbling in a distance. There seems to be a cool breeze that is blowing into my computer room upstairs (I have NO airconditioning...it's broke) But MY roof is completely done...unlike some of my neighbor's.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Day is done...gone (almost) the sun.."

It's nine o'clock...p.m. the roofers are finished?!!!!! The entire roof in one day AND cleaned up the yard...all four sides?! WoW...do they ever rock! Looks GREAT fellas. Thanks!

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All in a days work!

Finally, the day has come, after all the insurance adjuster's visits, contracter's quotes...we have a brand new roof!
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