Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tiny Tin Types…


I found these delightful  {and very tiny}

tin types tucked away from time

and the light of day in an old box

of dusty and tattered letters. {actual size}


These three precious pictures

surprised me when they

fell out of the folds of a letter

onto the carpet.

I continued to poured over the beautifully

handwritten letters {desperately

trying to make out the words hidden

in all of the swirls} imagining what

life must have been like for them,

my 4th-Great Grandmother ,

my 3rd-Great Grandmother

part of MY family

… my ancestors of long ago.

I believe that they are Civil war error,

1860’s.  The actual size {1”x 3/4”} 

Mother Sandborn

“Mother Sandborn” as I  heard her referred to.

  My 4th Great Grandmother.  She is so petite,

so many  “British” features and expression.

Her hair is still so dark, yet her face

seems worn beyond her years.  {early 40’s? late 30’s??}

Her mouth is drawn. Has she lost many teeth?

  I feel a sense of a calm, sweet spirit when I look at her eyes!


Elizabeth, 'Lizbeth 1860's

One of her daughters; Sarah?

or perhaps Elizabeth {Lizbeth}  I’m not sure.  I’ll have to

research this one. {can’t read the pencil script on the back}Mother Sandborn

I’m thinking this is the same girl…only older? 

Hmmm…it’s a mystery.

I can’t wait to restore these photos a bit

and do a layout.  It will be interesting to find  out …

…the REST of the story!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Birthday!


Happy Birthday to my cousin, Calvin!

{actually it was YESterday

but, I just found this photo TOday}

cousin Calvin R. Brown 1958

Happy {belated} Birthday ~ Cuz!

Isn’t he a HANDsome kid?  

{he takes after MY side of the family!}    hehe

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday!

To my Step-daughter, Wendy!

Here’s a birthday card I made  in

honor of her birthday. {she travels a lot}


Credit for this card lay out goes to Gretchen Mc.!

{yes, I totally scrap-lifted it!}


I used some wonderful “Thickers” with sparkles on them.

{hope your not blinded by them…sorry, flash on my camera}

I sprayed some vintage eyelet binding with Tattered Angels

glimmer mist! {Bell Bottom Jeans}  LOVE!  Post card by

Graphic Fairy and paper by Jenni Bolin collection.


Hope your day was great!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September…School’s back in session



Actually, here in the “deep South”

it’s been over a month(!)

since the kids have gone

back to school. 

So…time to get to work.



I have said all summer

that I’ll 

“…wait until September to get started”.


Right…I know.  It is and HAS been




Got it!



At least the leaves are still green.

No fall leaves here…


Saturday, September 10, 2011

More about Meadows, Sunshine and the American Flag!



A memorial unveiled…

and blessing given

in Shanksville, Pa today

for the heroes of flight 93.


The once brown and scarred pastures




have given way to the tall

green grass of September.

… the meadow’s soft,  gentle breeze

is a welcome partner to the early

Autumn sunshine.

A beautiful and fitting tribute to those who lost their lives on  flight 93 ten years ago, tomorrow.  

Those 40 people who became

thumbnailCAZ42CHJ the REAL first responders, our first soldiers against terrorism

as they made their

heroic battle plans to save others,

many others….

for their country.


The monuments are still modest {phase 2 is planned}

but the names are all there…

etched in stone and surrounded by flags.

Lots and lots of flags.


I wondered…as I watched

family members walk up to

the white stone monument and

gingerly raise their hand

to gently  trace

the precious name of

their loved one.

Can a Mother’s heart “see” a reflection of

her son in those etched letters?

Does the, not so young now, wife

“hear” her husbands gentle voice as the

National anthem is plays?

There is a peace that becomes their face.

An ever so little smile escapes from the

corners of their mouth as another asks for

their picture…with the name.

thumbnailCA6EHNLFthumbnailCA5ZEW20It seems,

there is fierce and wonderful power

in those melodies.  A flag flying high

above can make even the strongest

soldier’s {or police officer or fire fighter}

eyes gleam with tears of sadness and pride.


And perhaps all of “this” is why

it was SO very important to

have our people lend a hand in stitching

the strength and pride BACK into the

flag that flew over ground zero.

The flag that became tattered and


as it guided the heroes of 9/11



{images found on line, via bing}


thumbnailCAPPW94K 911 pa2


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Rise of Freedom


  The new construction…the better built

and stronger than ever…

World Trade Tower “The Rise of Freedom”

will be on display as part of the celebration in

NYC marking the 10 year anniversary of


I’m still over whelmed

with a mixture of pride and sadness for what

our Nation has endured these past 10 years.

I am proud of the patriotism our nation displayed.

I am proud that our flag few high, not only from

the ravaged ground zero, but on front porches,

mail boxes and in the back of pick-up trucks

across our nation. 

As every September approaches , my thoughts

return to that day.  And I remember the flags;

how they mean so much more to me now.  How

we as a nation became strong again seeing those

stars and stripes.


I found these photos the other day.

Actually, they were “found” a year ago and I safely

tucked them away only to “find” them all over again!

It’s a family photo of my Dad, his father and sister(s) on

his front yard.  What caught my eye?  

The flags.

Oh, and yes the cute picture of my Dad who was 6 years old!

I’m also pretty impressed that my Grandfather (Clifford) was sitting cross-

legged on the ground with his youngest, 18 moth old  Gloria  on his lap!

My Aunt Avis is sporting a flag on her shoulder as well! {of course

there is only 48 stars}

Look at how my Father is smiling, ear to ear!  He LOVED to fly the American flag…and he always did!

Top-4 Top-4

My Grandmother, Laura holding baby Gloria.  My Dad doesn’t look quite as happy without his flag!

Thought you might enjoy some Vintage Flag flying Photos from…

long, long ago!   {insert smile}   ;-)