Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Eve Dinner! Yum!

We had a grand time at the Village Cafe! Hope you "all" are having a great Christmas Holliday!
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

This picture reminds me of my Father. Only a hardend N. E. boy would
tackle a Christmas tree in SHORTS! {Dad grew up during the depression, their tree was always a fresh
cut tree from a nearby woods}
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Making a wish...

Longing for my family...and a New England Christmas!

...if only in my dreams.
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Dreaming of Christmases of long ago.
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and Merry Christmas Everyone.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

HOW? Cold has it been???

I HAS been VERY cold. Even down in the low 20's. {yes, even in the deep south!}

I have walked out the past few nights after work to 24 degree temps! I had three of my

4 cats IN bed with me all night!

{I couldn't MOVE all night!} But we stayed warm.

Of note, Molly sleeps on her heating pad, oh, and her fur tam! {hat}

Today was 60?!!! I have no idea what tomorrow will be.

I've got my mittens....

just in case!
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Original turn of the century Christmas Cards!

These are some that have survived the last 100 years! Pretty amazing huh? The colors! The details! The WOW factor!!!

This was what you would see when you opened the above card. The round cut out was to hold a coin. It was a much simpler time. Can you see any child you know being satisfied with a "coin"??? {even if it was a rare coin!}?
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C'mon Hold her hand...

That's what I'm guessing the title of this photo should be! My brother holding my cute cousin Tanya's hand! She has BIG "Nanna " BROWN eyes! She was the MOST adorable little girl! Beautiful when she grew up. Both inside AND out!

Here, Roger and Richie playing in the snow on New England winter day! Look like they're straight out of the Christmas movie where the kids on the play ground "double-dog-dare" the another little boy to stick his tongue on the frozen metal fence post and gets it stuck on it! Richie would be the one to give the dare. Roger would be smart enough to NOT listen to the dare. I would be the one dumb enough to take the dare and get stuck! {just ask me how I KNOW} ha!
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Antique Christmas card

Cute...a little strange, but cute.
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Christmas time?

" where is the figgy pudding?"

"Does this Rudolf have a nose that lights up?"

"I'm being extra good!"
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passing out gifts!

I was so happy to be able to get together and give these Christmas gifts to my Husbands two daughters and their family. I was pleased with the way they came out and couldn't WAIT to see if they were happy with their gifts as well!

Oh...and yes, they were! {heavy sigh of relief}
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Sunday Dinner, our Christmas get to gether!

Just got back from having a fantastic dinner at my Stepdaughter's home. Not only was it a great dinner, but she effortlessly demonstrates her talents as a cook AND a decorator! Check out some of her newest (and last)collection from "Stacy's". (store has closed). (sniff)

So pretty. So well organized!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Congrats Dr. "G"

Dr. "G" presented with the "Heart of Fayette" by Dr. W.

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Rescue Air

Happen to catch a few photos of RA on a perfect fall day! This is just outside our ER. The folks in the ER waiting room have a great veiw from their window!

There have been some talk about expanding the ER in the next few years. It will sit where this helliocopter is stitting now. Hmmm where will be the 'copter pad???
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Angel Update!

Angel and her tube tunnel

"Awwhhh com'on Molly and play!"

"Do you need me closer to the camera?"

Her left eye is getting better and better!
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The New ENA {Emergency Nurse Association} Poster is up at work!

Actually, it has been up. I just forgot to post it until now. These are some of my coworkers that give so MUCH of themselves to give this part of the South such GREAT care!
This is a rare photo! First, because all three of the triage rooms are empty!! And second, because my friend and coworker who is looking at this NOT in the poster because THIS is the ONLY way I can obtain a photo of her! Yes, from the back ONLY!

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