Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your Power WHATING?

All this noise!
It's interfering with my nap time!

OK...Wh..aa...tt EV..ah!
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Mom comes out to inspect the job!

See me standing up, walking....with NO WALKER? Mom's right foot is pointing to the difference in the front walkway. Right foot...clean. Left foot...dirty!
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Clean....not so clean

I'm cleaning Mom's driveway with the power washer!

WOW...what a difference...huh?
You would think that using all that water would keep yourself from getting all dirty?! Right? There goes my "resession pedicure"(the kind you have to do yourself in this rough economy!).
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Our Crepe Myrtles are doing well! I finally got a picture of the BEFORE the on slot of Japanese Beetles devour the leaves and make them all pale and lacy looking!

Actually, with this close up, I was trying to take a picture of one of the bees that frequent these particular bushes! The other day when I was out front, power washing the walk way, one of these @#$% bees STUNG ME?! Ouch! Boy did that sting! then burn...then itch...then burn...then itch.....

See my pretty new roof in the back ground? I am taking the photo looking UP. These crepe myrtles aren't really as tall as my roof!
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At least the deer are staying away from our banana peppers! They are looking pretty good!
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My ONE and ONLY sun flower!

Sure is B E A U T I F U L! Isn't it?

Mattie "McCat" sneaks outside while I'm busy taking pictures! A-HAAA! Busted!

(Big Sigh!) I could look at these over-grown daises all day!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Evening walk with my Sweetheart!

I LOVE going for walks! Especially early evening, and especially if I can get Dean to walk with me! Despite a post-op knee, he decided tonight was going to be the night he would go for a walk! As you can see, he NEVER slowed down, even when I stopped to take a picture! It sure was beautiful out tonight! But I sure was SOOO proud of Dean for his determination to walk ALL the way around the Lake!!! I got some GREAT pics too!

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We started out our walk, under the setting sun. Didn't see any deer (one of the reasons we came to the lake at twilight) Yes, the setting sun made a really pretty sun streak across the tranquil lake waters (o.k. so it's just one of the many SMALL inlets), still (heavy sigh) no cute little deers.
Walking around one of the bends, what to my wondering eyes appear???! But a cute little bunny rabbit (and no reindeer). He stayed still...just like that...didn't move a muscle...and let me take snapshot after snapshot! WoW!

He looks like he's posing for the chocolate Easter Bunny!!
Wait a minute!!! Hold everything!!! Can it be true??? Look at those cute little eyes! "Hey Thumper....It's me... Bambi!!!!"
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hey...do you think they brought any kibbles and bits?
look at my pretty tail!
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Which side is my BEST side?

Shall I stand to my left? How about the Mrs. standing to her right?

A "D O G" is lurking in the woods, getting ready I bet to wear somebody's hoofs off!
They don't look too worried. My guess is that they've played his game before!
Other than "shady dog" all was very peaceful at Lake Horton tonight! Dean and I had a quite a nice walk! It was the highlight of my day!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Tibbs

Today, as I worked outside with the power washer, I looked up from my patio and wondered if Tibbs was out. Sure enough, laying on our neighbors trailer bed I caught a glimps of white and yellow fluff! He often comes over to our house, yet stays within visual distance of Mom's back door. He keeps an "eye" on both of us...without....actually LOOKING ...directly at us! Tibbs...you're a crazy "wabbit"!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Kris(y) is Back!

One of the perks of going out this Friday night was to beable to see and visit Krissy! Not being able to be out with our crazy bunch of people due to recent surgery, it was great to see her and get caught up on the "latest". Isn't she soooo Cute?! It's easy to see why her daughte Dylan is so beautiful!

It was good to see you Kris!
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Who needs a special computer cleaner anyways? This where "Mattie McCoon" LOVES to be! Whether I'm here at my computer or...not. He DOES enjoy resting his head on BOTH my hands as I type! A challenge when your doing a live chat, like I was doing this afternoon!

Then little miss Heidi Bear has my sink occupied! Getting ready for work or, like I was able to do tonight...actually "go out" for an evening. No wonder half my makeup brushes have cat hair mixed in them!! Oh well, aren't they the cutest? They're my "four legged children"!
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