Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have a wonderful Day!

DSC_0096 DSC_0088 DSC_0089 This is my husband’s nephew’s little girl!  She is so precious and a great subject to photo!  Such a natural.DSC_0095 DSC_0091-1

Hoping you will find your “take a deep breath and relax” place!

Thanks…I’m better now!

My brother and his wife sent these beautiful bouquet of flowers while I was in the hospital recuperating from my “first” surgery.{the next to come soon in 4-6 weeks} Yikes!


DSC_0006 But seriously, aren’t these some BEAUTIFUL ROSES????


 DSC_0015I love these shades of pink, pinker and pinkest!


I’m cashing in on all of my sweet Angel Lea’s “kitten whisker kisses” that I missed so much over the 10 days I spent in the hospital.DSC_0014

Notice her left eye?   Getting much better now and I believe that she does have some vision in it.  The gray spot, per Vet. says that it is attached to her iris and prevents the pupil from properly constricting and dilating. (she came to us malnourished, bloody,from some “beast” grabbing her by the face giving her an orbit fracture of the left side of her face, extremely weak and starving and completely blind with those gray spots over both eyes)  She’s now 1 years old!  My Angel Lea-Lea is doing JUST fine now.

DSC_0027 As you can  tell by the sweet peddles that have “fallen”….ummmm photographer INDUCED fall onto the desk.  These flowers still hold their true beauty and form, despite being over a week old!!!!



Here’s my scrapbooking/photo editing/office/putting  out the fires of life at the mere pressing a keyboard for the computer or the phone.DSC_0028


I used a different setting for these last few pictures of my office. {which I now have more incentive to get going with my remodeling} DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0001

This last photo I was just “messing around with the exposure!   I think I stick to what I know…or what I REALLY don’t know but pretend I kind of know.    Does this make sense?  { I did spend 10 days on drugs you know….!}

Monday, June 27, 2011

Warning! I’m grumpy and my tummy hurts!

Notice how some things NEVER seem to change?  And other times you can go about minding your own business then “Whap-poe” you get hit with the LEAST expected “event”.   That’s what 12 days ago was for me!

Fine one minute, then in a blink of an eye (and some serious tummy problems) you find yourself in IMCU unit of the local hospital that you (big sigh and yes, I am rolling my eyes) WORK at to make matters worse!  So… now that I’m much better my question to you is…..  


DSC_0005Did anyone miss me?  While I was gone that is.  Like the two lower stems/stamens on my lilies out front that are missing its’ blooms?  Or are there just so many other wonderful blossoms to shine on in their  place?

I’m getting a bit melancholy.    Maybe I spent too long in the hospital, on drugs when all I take for pain is ibuprofen!  

melancholy.  That’s why I tried to perk up my spirits (like being outside, in the sunshine, snapping photos. 

Was it that I have been so “snappy in spirit” lately that it has left other’s to believe that BECAUSE I’m a nurse I am not expected to FEEL the same urgency to be OUT of pain as the average non-medical, but I’m a smart person can. DSC_0006

That in fact, I should be quiet,

seen grimacing and

NOT heard?


All I know that AS a NURSE; I have SEEN REALLY bad patientsthat make threats at us, bite us, hit us.   So why then is it “shocking” to others when I’m trying so hard to stay “with the program” and I am simply asking“question” why?   That I hear

things like “…she is SUCH a bad patient ……BECAUSE….she’s a nurse.   “Terrible” I was told tonight.  The stranger that sat in our living room, who was kindly administering my HOME HEALTH meds.readily agreed.   She had been wonderful and now?….What???

  After she had donned a mask and proceeded in a sterile manner to attend my PICC line, cleaned and redressed the area. LOOKS fabulous!!  Everything when smoothly.  She left to go home.  And my spirits ….sank.  Even the “Well bless her heart”…..blah blah blah.  Didn’t help b/c now that I’m living in the south almost 19 years that when someone says that phrase (according to Jeff Foxworthy) it means something different indeed! ( Ummm, yah I catch on fast;(

Better get on to bed.  Thanks to all the precious people who have left messages on my post!  I feel like a school girl rushing home to see   “…..if I got any mail” and remembering how HAPPY HAPPYYYY!!! I was to receive even just a “Hi”.


Thanks for “listening”.  I post more, brighter things in the morning!  “Pinky-promise”

TTFN   Mollydiane

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little back yard-yard sale!


Several weeks ago we {our subdivision} had a yard

sale.  Our friend, Kris and her daughter participated

as well!  Even Kris’s Mom and Dad came with their

hopeful wares to be swiftly “departed”!  Kris’s daughter,

Dylan truly amazed us all by setting up her road-side

lemonade and watermelon stand with the ease and

sophistication of our local grocery store!!

Naturally, I HAD to take pictures. 

Naturally, I HAD to do a lay out!

Because Dylan’s stand was

so colorful and bright; it was a cinch to know what papers

to use!  Pink Paislee  “Soiree”  by house of three. 

At the risk of sounding “corny” may I just say…

I love this kit!  All of the double sided paper is really easy

to work with {no…I’m not getting any incentives to gush about

“Soiree”}  I bought it from HNC in March and have used A LOT

of the embellishments and papers from it!

Here is Dylan and her lemonade stand!  DSC_0133Don’t you LOVE the lemonade dispenser!!!  DSC_0137Trying to show the butterflies being 2 dimensional.  Made by drawing my own template ( I know, I know…Martha Stewart has a butterfly punch).  Then I added some of the lovely color twine from the kit and stickles.DSC_0136 DSC_0135 See how nice the papers are?    Oh, and I also used one of the new “Martha Stewart’s”  punches to make the detailed lacey edge!  Dylan’s a great subject because she IS sooo adorable!

Also, I must give credit to the Pink Paislee’s gallery.  I soooo “scraplifted this one”

Thanks for visiting!  TTFN!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June! Really?!

Wow!  I think I blinked somewhere in the middle of May…

and here it is; the first week of June has come and gone!

So…in honor of June, picnics and  get-together(s) I thought I’d display these photos I “restored” of my family. 

  These four pictures are from a fairly primitive  Ivah,Jo and Marionhome camera; I can

now see why so many used a “formal photographer” ! Restoring

a photo done in a studio comes out focus and clear, even when

you crop the photo.  Not so with home cameras around the 1900’s!

But these photos are priceless to me.  I never knew these

people at this age, but I do remember them all grown up (and

as a little girl I thought they were probably…oh…a 100 years

old or so!

Colorizing (is that a word?) definitely makes them come to life for me. 

Being able to see these young

ladies all dressed up in their 1800 white lawn dresses and bows

just tickles me pink!  The one in the middle is my grandmother,

Josephine, the girls flanking her side are her “nieces”Ivah and Marion. (I’ve posted about them before)



Ervilea Josephine (Jo) Wells Robshaw with neice Ivah CowlesHere is my Grandmother Josephine, age 2, with her niece, Ivah Coles; who is one years old!  So sweet!!! I love these photos and I did a layout, titled “Aunt Jo”. (I will post as soon as I get a good photo of it)

Easter bonnets Ivah and Marion 1908Here is Ivah and Marion!  Girrrrrls!  Now those hats are “what…I’m…talkin’ about!”  That’s some thick ribbon too! Marion and Ivah CowlesAnd here is Marion and Ivah standing outside their Conn. home.  I would say the photo was taken some where around 1913.  (no date on the back of one crumbly-dusty old photo! 


This is a photo of some lilies that I’m growing just outside my kitchen.  I looooove the pink color!  Just after taking this photo,

I clipped the two blossoms and one bud, put it in a vase and

brought it up to my Mother and set it on her table.  (in the dinning

hall)…ya, I think there was a bit of flower envy going on there

at the assisted living dinning hall! (ha!)  My Mother winked

as I smiled…it was one of those special moments! 

Of note…the photo above of Josephine…that’s my Mother’s

Mother!  I bet she was smiling too!