Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome to my WEB....

said the spider to the fly!
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Harvest Nite Party, circa 1981'ish?

OK...so here is a picture of my daughter, dressed up as a "cowgirl" for the church harvest party. (since they couldn't have a true "Halloween" party {what eva}. Anyways...taking it up a notch from the original, dark, blue coat blending in with the dark cabinet; I noticed that although the picture was brighter and lighter....It is now also grain-y-er! {not sure there is such a word..'tis now!} Maybe the grain-y-ness is not TOO bad?

Ahhh...nope...pretty grainy. Ah-ha...maybe if I do "sepia tones"?

Ah...that's much better.
I wonder though...could I improve upon this by airbrushing?????:
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And finally...

This...Air brushed, blue eyes, blonde highlights, and white teeth.

But...isn't she just the CUTEST cowgirl you know?!!!!! So which one do YOU like?
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AND NOW.....

For a bit of fun and whimsy...

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

One last stop!

Just returned from a WONDERFUL scrapbooking weekend! Well done ladies of the "Quick Quotes" group!
Any ways, back to my...last stop!
A confederate cemetery, just happened to be across from our conference center. And... I just HAD to take some pictures! They're not photo shop edited; but the weather was perfect and the time of day was just right! ...And I was in a hurry to post these.

This particular cannon was seized by Sherman's troops during the end of the civil war. It was taken as a "prize". It was returned to the South and promptly set up on its' own place of honor.

Does each star that is stamped on the "X" on top = a fallen soldier?

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Where else?

My friend Maria was getting a bit creeped out speding time in a cementery, but...

look at this beautiful statue! Where else can you see this kind of pre/post Civil war detailed stone work?? Exactly....! Why, your local (old timey) cementery!

Isn't this Angel beautiful? {and there's a story connected with this grave too!} But I'll save that for another time!
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Time to go

The Gates are closing. Well, not exactly "closing" but we did have to get back on the road to home!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mattie meets pumpkin kitten

Oh! Hi there. I don't think we're related...do you?
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Adoption time...AGain!

"Hi...my name is... Umm...Oh ya, I don't HAVE a name yet. ... cuz I need to get 'dopted!

Well...I'v got my "cutness motor" running! Do you like? Com'on now. Aren't I pwecious?
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Hmmm....I wonder if that would taste good?

Here...you missed a spot. Let me get it for you (hee hee hee!)

No...really! I'm good at this! Just hold still!
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"Wipe Your Paws" words to live by.

"Is THIS how I'm suppose to wipe my paws?"
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love October for sooo many reasons!

Rebecca and Ryan

Wendy and David
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Fall Time in New England! 1982

Ahhh...what a great month to celebrate a birthday! Here, Grammy and Seth pick apples at Lyman orchirds, Ct. Love the hat Seth!
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Happy Birthday Bro'

Brotherly love!

Nathan and Seth. Seth grew up thinking he was Nath's twin. Nathan alway thought of Seth as his personal brother-baby-gift. No matter which way, being 20 months apart these boys grew up close in age, spirit and mind! Christa grew up calling them..."Boyz!" Short for Nathan and Seth! Once Jarred came along, he too, referred to Nath and Seth as "Boyz"!
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Birthday Pics!

Seth's second birthday 1982 in Cromwell, Ct. Seth was fluent in signlanguage by 11months!
By 2 years old...he was an ol'hat at signlanguage. Could say his ABC's and count to "11-teen"!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

30 years ago today! (I'm posting this at 0223 Oct. 3rd, EST)

Happy Birthday Seth!

Boy! What a CUTIE you were! Always smiling, Always happy!
Happy Birthday Son, where ever you are.
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