Thursday, April 21, 2011

“Me and my Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it…”

Easter bonnets Ivah and Marion 1908 Connecticut Cousins Ivah and Marion again.  I love their bonnets!!  This is a “home” photo vs a professional and was a bit worse for 103 or so years of wear!  To compare ol’time professional photos with ol’time HOME photos is like having 12 mega pixel (professional) vs 1/2 mega pixel (home).  When one enlarges the photo to color (or do ANYTHING with it) the home one is literally  various cube shapes!!!  Makes it real challenging coloring in peoples’ lips, eye brows, etc!!

Still, I’m quite happy with the results.  Definitely an improvement!   The “before” shot is in one of my past posts.

What do you think?

Baby Nellie

Nellie Patten (infant) and Jean Canady  1901 Even though this photo was NOT done originally by a professional I did have fun colorizing it.  Each time I redo a photo I’m learning more little tricks of the trade.  Yes, I know I have a ways to go but I’m tying to learn more about shading and “blending” colors.  I love this photo and plan on doing a “Mother’s Day” LO with it.  This Mother’s expression is precious!  I only know her as “Jean”.  Probably a wife to one of Mother’s many Connecticut Cousins!

Sweet Baby William 1900


1901This baby photo, professionally done, and in a box marked “1890’s –"  Perhaps a relative from “across the pond” since most of my Mother’s relatives came from England. Even though I know next to nothing about him he seems to have been A.  well fed and B. a patient and well mannered infant to sit and “pose” for this picture! Colorizing a professional photo vs. a 1900’s personal camera photo is like night and day.   He’s a cutie isn’t he!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kittens and Girls 1908

Girls and kittens 1900 Awwww-ah, Aren’t they cute??!!   Marion on the left and Ivah on the right.  I think she had a dog on a leash(?)/chain? but somehow is completely blurred out.  I had lots of fun restoring the color…or should I say “adding” color (was blk and wht.)  Love coloring the kittens.  I just noticed now, there are even clothes hanging out on the line (far left)!  

Just another day in Cannon, Ct!

p.s.  I think I’m getting use to this new blogger-site-writer-thingy!  Thanks Julie!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Once upon a time….

 Ervilea Josephine (Jo) Wells Robshaw with neice Ivah Cowles

long ago….

… in a not so far away place there lived two little girls.   

The adorable, sweet little toddler on the left is MY Grandmother, Josephine.  When she was about two years old, her oldest sister, Blanche gave birth to this sweet little cherub on the right!  Her name is Ivah.  They grew up more like “sisters-cousins”  not Aunt and niece as their birth order provided.  I love their sweet little faces.  This is the only baby picture I have of my Grandmother and it wasn’t in the best of condition.  Thank goodness for PICNIK and their special “touches”!

Then one day, about 2 years latter came anther little cherub, Marion.  The 2 girls were now 3 “sister-cousins”! 

Ivah, 13 years old in this photo, Jo ,one with the bow is 15 and little Marion, 11 years old.  I love, love LOVE this picture.  It’s almost like a dream world!

Ivah, grew up very serious, business-like.  Josephine (my Grandmother) grew up very kind, easy-going.  Marion had a tender heart for all animals and although she never had any two –legged children of her own, she had MANY dear four-legged “kids”!     I can’t wait to do my next LO for my heritage album!   “The 3 little sister-cousins”! ;)

Ivah,Jo and MarionMarion and Ivah Cowles Top-3

The Girls of Connecticut 1896

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now onto “Family” business!


My sweet cousin Marion.  What a story!  Actually my Mother’s first cousin, she lived in Bethlehem Conn.  She was the youngest of two sisters, born at a time when my Grandmother, Josephine was only 4 years old (1898).  The three of them grew up together, more like cousins.  DSC_0003

I remember visiting the farm in Connecticut as a child.  Marion was always kind but one particular winter afternoon I will cherish forever.  It was a family event, driving to Bethlehem before Christmas.  There was plenty of snow that magically covered those beautiful rolling hills of a now quiet homestead.  Being the only child and no other child insight I must have looked terribly bored to my Cousin Marion. {She never married and so, had no children}  Marion asked me what {I}??? wanted to do?  Being pleasantly shocked, I quickly recouped and said.."Let’s go for a walk…all around the farm!”  Cousin Marion quickly put on her farm boots, coat and hat and said…”Let’s go!”DSC_0005 DSC_0006

She lived a long life.  Out living her older sister Ivah and her husband Ovy.  Even today, when I try to relax by thinking of past wonderful events, I think of trudging about the little farm in Conn. and very kind lady that took me under her wing that day.  We had fun together.   Just a couple of cousins in Connecticut, the generational gap seemed to melt away for a time.

Trying something new!


Going live with “Windows Live Writer” recommended by a sweet and wonderful California lady!


Here goes!DSC_0017 A photo of the birthday card I made for my Mom, April 11th using the new “Soiree” kit from Pink Paisley!  I made the card using the packing material the embellishments came in!  I took two of the sturdy cardboard, glued the advertisement together leaving the cute yellow polkadots on the outside!  Even had the top that was pre-folded down where I could print my birthday message!  I added the stickers, made some banner flags, laced some mini-cards through to the top and added a big yellow polka dot bow! I was in a rush to get out to her dining hall and set everything up before she came in! {boy…was she surprised!!}

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

You "take the cake"!!! This picture cracks me up! Mom's trying to hurry up and we can ALL have some cake!

                                                                                                               All we need now is a horn! (he he)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Consulting the powers that be...

Still having technical difficulties with uploading my photos. They appear at first, but then revert to the dredded red "x" in a box. Any suggestions?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April First!

"Huh?" "silly dog!"

{images found on-line/bing}

"Crazy man!"