Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doctor of the Month!

Congratulations to one of the FINEST Piedmont Fayette Physicians!

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I'm a BIG girl now!

"Lucy Bear" is getting bigger and stronger every day. I think her left eye is healing well too. No...I don't think she'll ever see anything more than shadows, but each day the grayish white area of her cornea seems to be getting smaller. Is that possible?

"WOW...I caught a Wabbbit"!!!

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Home Sweet Home!

Ahhhh....finally....Home...{sweet and cool} Home.

New AC is in and working now! No more 92 degrees INSIDE the house.

for cute Brooke and Mike to make

a house

a home!
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A new baby in the house!

This little thing was found out in the streets..twice! Totally lost, malnourished, battered but with immense will to live! Soooo....what the heck...what's ONE more? Certainly we couldn't turn our backs on her. She kept crying and following ANYTHING that moved. She seemed to be saying "Are you my Mummy?"

The poor thing! Somehow she sustained head trauma, whether by a car, dog, fox, coyote because her left cornea appears to be torn. But shhhhhhsh....she doesn't know she's suppose to have TWO eyes! And she's learning not to run into the wall when she turns left! After weeks of feeding her baby formula {special kitty cat kind} she is now graduated to "big girl" food. Or should I say the "stinky" cat food.

She LOVES!!!! playing with Mattie.
Mattie....shown here...has put himself in "time out"! The kitten is sure she will "run into" him soon!
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Geee-shhh! " Looks like you did it again Olly!"

Guess what broke....yup, with temps. in the high 90's to 101 degrees...the ol'AC.
Ughhhhhhh! We knew it would need to be replaced....someday....but TODAY??? is someday? Just when the new people {cute little Brook and Mike----Hi} ;) and only just one week from moving in; they wake up to 90 degree temperatures INSIDE the house!
Oye Vay....the AC ! But thanks to my VERY talented and heat tolerant husband who just happens to be an AC man himself; the day was saved by the soldering, slaving, sweaty Man in blue jeans. And the house was once again...a home.
For now. Wonder if we can get the grass to grow. This red clay is soooo hard that even the weeds refuse to bloom!

"Bloomin" heat!
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Happy Anniversary! to Roger and Jane!

Happy "belated" ONE YEAR anniversary to two crazy "kids"!

Hmmm...{.sigh}..beautiful! Hope they had a wild and crazy day!
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