Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

To all of you...A HAPPY New year!
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Once in a BLUE MOON!

O.K. so I've always heard the ol' saying about something that hardly ever happens as {IT} "...happening in a blue moon."
So....along with ringing in a new year...we have...a blue moon!! And here hare some pictures to prove it!
Tonight we celebrated New Years Eve at the Shrine Club. There several people were talking about the phenomenon of a "blue moon". It is somewhat a novelty, coming once every 19 years {per one weather forecaster}. Now...understand that when I went out to see this {supposed} blue moon, it was nothing out of the the naked eye would behold! My first photo which looked completely normal as I looked through the lens of my camera; however, this is what I saw when I viewed it through my recall! A definite blue hue!

Then a white moon and a reflection(?) of the blue moon?


And most definitely...again! Cool!

{snicker...hehe...rolling of eyes and a smile} I just wonder...after having a few "sips" tonight as many party-goers will, if anyone will mention..."hey I saw two moons tonight!"

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is going to be kinder and gentler to us than 2009! Maybe seeing this beautiful blue moon is a good omen, that we can thank our lucky ...moons...or something like that!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day!

And guess what was the favorite of the day! Even if he had to turn, wiggle, tuck himself into the box the Christmas presents came in!

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A TRUE Red Sox Fan!

Mom and her beloved Red Sox! Roger, you hit the "ball outtah the park" with this one! (Roger is my brother)

Mom, Christmas day 2009
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Best Christmas Present ...ever!

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Let's play...

O.K....if I can balance the catnip mouse on my head, while standing (sitting) on two paws....THEN can I tear it to shreds????!!
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Play Time!

What's a Christmas morning without a catnip mouse, I always say! My Mother insisted on getting on the floor with the four legged kids!

Heidi is studying, planning her stratagy. Mattie is waiting for the mouse to drop to add yet another mouse to his "bit the dust" list!

Hey...hey...has any one seen my other paw? It was just around here a second ago!

I always wanted my very own "Barbie doll mousey" burp...hmmm that was good!
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Funny...I have this strange urge to fall asleep. Any piece of furniture will do, as long as it is one that my"pet Dad" wants too. I don't even care if all of my extremities fit on this piece of furniture, as long as 65% of me is flat! What's IN those mice?

Silly boy, everybody knows laying on the hearth by a blazing fire is the place to be on Christmas!

Oh well, my tail and one foot are warm. I just can't seem to move right now! And could you not talk so loud?!

Silly boy! All the more heat for me!
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Joy to the World!

It still feels like 25th, although it is now officially the 26th. I love this puzzle by Kinkade. Remembering the fun we had putting it together. Always had a puzzle in progress every Christmas. I rember one Christmas when my SIL Brian, secretly removed just one piece of the puzzle and quietly put it in his pocket! No one KNEW this of course, that a piece was missing that is until we were down to just that one last piece! Miraculously, the missing piece appeared and the puzzle was complete!

Now, I live each day with 4 missing "pieces" to my puzzle of life. My heart aches, my spirit spirals downward a little more each day that goes by without my little pieces to make my life whole again. I pray, I hope, I wait...I trust in my Saviors' promise. I will continue to hope I can once again find the precious Joy He gave to me, one on a snowy night just after Christmas, another, a winter's day near Vallentine's day, another in the sweet Month of May and finally on the harvest night of October.

Joy to the World! We can at least cling to His promise of redemtion!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 more days 'til Christmas

This is one of (3) designs of this years Christmas Card. I managed to get a few out this year. Not the usual amount I have sent in years gone by, but then, I guess that was another "life" too.
This photograph was taken by my husband, right out side our front door. If you look closely, you can see tire tracks in the snow. Andthat would be a deer standing in the road and those spots you see on the deer are not the youthful, Bambi spots. That would be snow flakes! Something you don't see much here in the South! So in honor of our brief moment of a real winter's day to this Yankee -girl, I decided to use it for this year's Christmas card!

Hope you enjoy. I stitched around the card on my sewing machine. Cut out many little squares/o.k. rectangles adhered with a glue runner, cut out many little sleighs, stamped the back of the card, applied "distressed stickles" to the tree and added a shake or two of Martha Stewart's Holiday "tinsel glitter" and voila a 2009 vintage Christmas card. Oh yes, and for the added pleasure of those that may want to do the old English version of hanging the card on your tree, there is a tied-in-a-bow ribbon on top!

I would show you the other two designs but....ummm...they went out in the mail today. I was in a bit of a rush on my day off to finish up!

Since I will be working the next several days...Merry Christmas. I hope we ALL can find the Peace....Good Will...
in all of us!

"...and God Bless Us everyone!" Tiny Tim in the Christmas Carol. (C. Dickens)
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Only 10 Days until Christmas?

I can hardly believe it! Where has this year gone?!!
I signed up for the "premium" for Picnik {Photo} and I have been...Ummmm
playing with the extra Holiday
photo effects!
I love the snowflake button! No snow
on the ground, but it's snowing in pictures!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

16 more days 'til Christmas!

Found these pictures of my brother and I when we were small. Each year was "the best Christmas ever! I remember that teddy bear and I have an ornament from that Christmas tree that I always hang on my own tree still. My brother may even have those Lincoln logs, or maybe one of my sons have them.
Old memories are forever...I hope.
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