Friday, August 28, 2009

Followers of my blog!

Thanks!! I have one "real" friend! :D

I have told many (MANY) of my friends and family of my blog and how much joy I have posting pictures and letting these many folks know that I LOVE to have some kind of feed back!

Kind of makes my day to know that maybe I brought a little joy to some one else too.

Thanks again Nalanni, that sure was sweet of you!
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and the CROWD goes WILD...!

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More Pictures from Comedy Night at Season Tickets!

These Guys are FUN-NY!

Jai was having a great time too!

Jaqui ALWAYS has a great time, Mike? Well...guess he's still thinkin' about it!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Comedy Night! To-Nite!

"Here yo go, my Man! We're gonna get DOWN....We're gonna get FUN-Kee!"

Who's ready to win a FREE DRINK?
Excuse me...but aren't you married to (Ahh-May) Amy?
Philip gives his best answer!
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Workin' the Crowd! by Mr. Wendell!

"Hel-low Gowrgeous"

"How ya doin' tonight, Sir?"

"My...aren't your teeth WHITE TO-Night!"

"What can I say?...TOday...My Man! And ....Hmmm. Hmmm...Hmmm! (Wendell bites his lip and raises one eyebrow...) My Lay-dee! The Great Jah-Qui!"
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Amy says.....

Wait a minute....what time is the show? I haven't ordered my drink yet! Hold everything!

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Ready for the Show!

Amanda and Tracy

Amy (pronounced Ahh-may)and her hubby

Cute Amanda, again

Mr. Blue Eyes, himself, Justin.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's Friday Night and it's time for just one thing! It's time to put our hands "to-ge-tha" and welcome.....(music gets louder)....the crowd starts cheering wildly... It's TIME for MR. WEN-DELLLLL!

Sorry, Wendell.....this was just a "teaser"....More about "Mr. Wendell's Comedy night coming up next time! Stay tuned for more halarious pictures and!
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Family Night at " EL Reposo"

We had a great Friday night out at the Mexican Restaurant! We ate out on the Patio. The food was wonderful! We even had our choice of music to listen to!

We had a GREAT time!

Aunt Wendy really REALLY had a good time and was very, very happy to be back in Georgia again! Georgia (Rebecca's Mom) was happy just to have some adult company and conversation!
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We had a GREAT night! Ate our supper outside on the patio. Listen to music...sometimes two different KINDS of music the SAME time! Mexican and Soft Rock! (which the volume was ANYthing but soft!)

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Now Granddaddy, you're going to have to leave enough of these Mexican "groceries for ME...b/c I'm just a growing boy!
That's right some for ME too!

He will....won't he Mommy?
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Monday, August 17, 2009

August Afternoon 2009

Dean and I went for another walk around the ENTIRE! lake. It was perfect weather and the humidity was actually down a bit. The cool-er breeze coming off of the lake made it really nice to walk! I think, perhaps, it is a 2 mile walk. I wanted to sit on the swing and stay for a bit. Dean? He just wanted to "go home". Hmmm....maybe next time. I AM VERY proud of him just getting out and walking!!!

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