Tuesday, September 22, 2009

March of the Mushrooms!

All of this rain here in the Atlanta area has brought in more than the estimated 26 inches of rain in 4 days! There is talk of troops being brought into some areas to help with the clean up.

Thankfully, today has blessed us with some sunshine, how long it will last is any body's guess. (sorry weather forecasters).

We awoke to Mushroom Troops that are slowly but surely setting up their own mushroom mission to take up post in our front yard!

(boy...are they popping up in our yard!)

Knowing that the "yard mowing worker boyz" will be hitting the lawns at 0800 tomorrow, I thought I would get a closer look at this....ahemm...invasion of the marching mushrooms!

Getting a closer look at these overnight wonders (OK...some were here 2 nights ago), but it is still an amazing thing...theses....ahhh...spores. They sure move fast!

Getting closer to these mushroom-ing menaces...gave me a sort of bird's eye view . Looking now more like little cafe tables from a fairy tale!

Remember....we have been battling a drought for many years, lakes falling 10-15 feet (or more) below their normal level. Mushrooms DON'T grow in hard as cement, dry, dusty ground. We do have grass that is "drought tolerant" (to a point) and will burst back with lush green grass almost overnight when it's given a little water. (which we got way more than a little) we got a "LOT TLE"

These are kind of cute! ...aren't they?

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  1. great pictures of the mushroom and mustache kitty! love, Cindy!