Friday, September 11, 2009

Our neighbor Jer; Remembering 9/11

Even to this day, eight years after 9/11/01, there flies a flag in Jerry's yard! A huge flag pole and flag has flown since that day (almost) in the courtyard across from his house with a granite plaque with the words commemorating the fallen heroes of that day, written by Jer's cute wife, Lulu. She penned the words that very night with all the passion and fragmented emotions of a true patriot! Words that are now written in stone, reflecting the determination of Proud Americans; standing together, a stronger and (hopefully) smarter America.

Remember how everyone had a flag on something...anything that they could nail it to? Flags on the back of pickup trucks. Big flowing ones too, not those tiny parade flags they pass out to everyone on the sidelines. Flags on firetrucks, ambulances, mailboxes. Bulbs replaced on public spotlights to shine on our flags at the Courthouse, Krogers and even the jails! Places that didn't have a flag were petitioned by the people to "GET ONE UP and FLYING!". People everywhere...ALL over America raised a flag! Wasn't that wonderful! Maybe during these difficult political and economic hardships it's time to recapture the spirit of the ol' red, white and blue!

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