Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time for some REdo!


I have tried…over many years now

{Umm ya…like seven}

to make my

study/ my office,/my scrapbooking and craft room

a pleasant place to…BE.   Despite the awful and somewhat

intimidating STRIPES that are ever present?  I mean, talk

about trying to “think outside the box” or “don’t worry about

staying within the lines” when one is surrounded in stripes?!

So, I tried pretty flowers.

Banners {home made, yes from House of 3}

Pretty rosettes…even put angels in the windows.DSC_0024

Didn’t matter.  Didn’t CHange the STRipes, nothing

BLENded with them.  Solution?   OFF WITH THE…Stripes!!!!


DSC_0028 DSC_0014 Say what??? My four legged childrenare wondering. DSC_0010


Yup!  Mamma’s got a brand new REdo!DSC_0011

After all, I had plenty of….help!DSC_0007 DSC_0005 {Oh brother…here we go again!  Where’s the catnip?}}    


Bye-Bye stripe wall paper!  (fabric softener really does make it come off easier! and it smell nice too) I spackled all of the holes in the wall from all the photos I’ve hung.  Then sanded it down.  


Picked out the paint.  (Not hard at all since I had already decided on the Coastal look)


I did learn something though, about caulking the seams of the ceiling and the wall BEFORE you paint.  NOT always a good idea. DSCN0693Since I have the dreaded  popcorn ceiling it’s hard to tape off the ceiling to get a clean line on your walls.  Not a problem, says I…because I have a GREAT way to GET that smooth line!  (unless you put the Duron-caulking on first)…ya…like I did.

DSCN0675You see, after the pain has dried, it (should be) a simple matter of taking a small ruler to run across the popcorn ceiling….causing part of the (NOt sorry to see you go) pilings to fall away and …

DSCN0688 DSCN0687Voila!  You have “clean” lines! 

DSCN0692Except for one little problem.  Since the caulk was on BOTH the ceiling and the wall…that little ruler trick did NOT work!


So off it came, walls repainted.  Tape applied to wall and base boards painted.   Now it’s better.  Love the color.  And NO stripes!

More to come!

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