Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh no on the No. or Plan “C”


I was thrilled with the results of the painted

banners on the little chest of drawers!

Plan A was to stencil the numbers “one”

“two” and so on.  However, I didn’t have

the right size for the job.  So…Plan B

was created.



Using what I DID have on hand

were some rub ons and

number stickers.

At first I liked the look of

it all.  But then…


by the next morning, the numbers

were beginning to peel

off.   Not to mention it looked like the drawers

all were shouting “NO NO NO” !  {Ugh!}  Now what?


Ahhhh…Plan C.  I found some stencils at

Hobby Lobby and went to town!   Only…


the “paint” was not really paint at all.


It was regular ink.

{what I THOUGHT was stayz-on}

Looked nice right?    But….


it  smudged …real easy. In fact,

it came right off with a paper towel

and windex!  {great…now what?}

Another try with acrylic paint pen {that I tried to puddle

on a piece of paper and then brush it up with a stencil brush}

finally, brought the results I was hoping for.  


I need to touch up the white paint a bit.  Over all, not too bad

for my first {ummm…second or is it third?} try. 

Have a great weekend.  Happy Halloween!

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