Sunday, October 9, 2011

A day of REst… A day to REset?


Today, we took a wonderful day trip to  lake Hartwell.

The air was cool.  The family were all there

{my husband’s side}

to enjoy a day of fellowship,  hotdogs

and hamburgers!DSC_0026 DSC_0027Because this lake is one of 5 lakes, they drain it every fall so the lower country doesn’t flood in the spring.


  The grill was started with kindling wood and leaves to “get it ready” until the person  that was bringing the charcoal arrived.

  I think in light of the cool breeze coming off the lake and it BEing FALL…and all staring up a fire…

was more a necessity to generate some kind of welcomed heat !


DSC_0031Ahhh….nice …warm…fire!  We stood around the fire with grateful hearts!

DSC_0039 A little game of  Put-Put until the grilling was done.

DSC_0044This little Pup

DID NOT want to be confused with the “other”

hot dogs!  Besides he found his way into

this really neat sweatshirt…with a “Daddy

attached!!!”  This is Cherry and Tim’s newest addition.

“Mic” …he’s sooo cute!  He even comes with his own

boxer shorts!!!!!!!!

Every one called. Grace given… dig in!   {there is about 12 people out and about that are being called.}  “Let’s EAT!”



It was a great day.

A relaxing and re-connecting day.  And tomorrow?

Is {yet again!} another birthday!  Happy Birthday, Terry!

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  1. It looks like a great day! I love relaxing by the lake with family. Nothing like it!