Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Leaves and falling on knees!



A perfect afternoon to take pictures of our colorful

leaves from the second story of our home.


It was just late enough in the afternoon to capture the

sunshine as it peeked through the trees.DSC_0022 

I had taken the screen out of the window

to get a better photo.


And as usual, my three cats

came a  runnin’ to check things out!

Before I knew it, our Maine Coon,

Mattie (the one with NO FRONT claws)

makes a running LEAP through the open

window onto (thankfully) the sill and

jumped onto the porch roof.  




WOAH!  missing some traction kiddo? 


That’s better….the hind quarters still

have the tools to grip the shingles!  Still sliding

to your knees with the front legs though.

DSC_0012Mattie seems to be thinking… 

“Maybe if I walk sideways I can get across the roof.

Phew! a window sill to rest on.”   Don’t worry…

“I’m good!”


O.K. Mattie ( I cautiously tell him) ….come on back in.

Mattie!  (I’m being ignored)


Mattie!!       MATTIE!  (still being ignored)



(Mattie casually looks around, yawns

and then…)

“Oh all right!”


I’m coming  back in

BUT only because I WANTED

to anyways!”


  Suddenly, I was no longer

surrounded by my four legged



Leaving me all alone to enjoy

a beautiful Autumn day…

and all the pretty leaves!

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