Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing “Ketchup”

Trying to get caught up (ketchup) with my blogging!

Finishing a 64hr work week in our local ER has left me

sleeping long hrs (as many as I can get!)on my two days off

and hoping to stay in my “jammies” all day.

(but there’s always a ton of errands to do

on my days “off” (ha!).

So here are some of the things I have been doing

during my office/scrapbooking room make over!

DSCN0742Not finished…

still a work in progress.


      DSC_0001The old TWO layers of stripe wallpaper….


Gone!!   A “Coastal Blue” accent wall on either end of the room. 

DSCN0733And “Ocean Blue” walls run the length of the room.  


peaceful!     {especially compared to this!}


A HUGE transformation from the nightmare-ish stripes!


It was even starting to give Angel nightmares!


Still have curtains to make…

got some AWesome material at JoAnne’s

…WITH the 50% coupon! {of course}


Next on my list was an old cardboard chest of drawers that my Mother used for her sewing cabinet.  I would guess…1950’s.  It’s been painted so many times that it’s probably the one thing that holds it together!   Another coat of paint…here it comes!

Painted the drawers the same accent blue as the end walls.


Love it!  Paint from Lowes.

Then on “Rhonna Designs” she has a whole blog of inspiration

and uplifting ideas…so…I thought I would try painting white

banners with each drawer numbered {like I’ve seen on Rhonna’s blog and  Pinterest}



Thanks to go ol’ painter’s tape, sealing the tape with the same blue paint…then…WHITE it out!




I hope this works…I’ve never actually DONE this before.DSCN0728

Looks like a mess!




I HEART this!!!!  

And the lines are nice and crisp and clean!



Angel LOVES too!        

Next for some numbers….



But……I’m not sure these will work. I used rub-ons

and numbered stickers.


By the next morning, the stickers were starting to peal off.

I had planned to glaze them on.  Not sure I WANT to.  And…another glaring point I noticed about the “No.”….at a glance…it looked like a bunch of drawers repeating the word…

NO  NO  NO NO!…NO NO!!!! 

Hmmmmm…..that’s not very inspiring or positive atmosphere

to create is it?

Soooo….OFF with the “NO s”  and on to plan “B”.

{more on that later…I actually had to go up to plan “D”…or was it “E”?}

Well…for now all the buttons and bows are back in place on their shelf racks.  (I use old washed out Yankee Candle jars)


Angel puts her rub of approval on it!

More on the re-do in a couple of days.

(I’ve got another 13hr. shift at the ol’ER)

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  1. Oh, gosh! You're one busy girl, my friend! LOVE that dresser & what you've done with it--just fabulous! What a great idea for the front! I've been looking for a vintage dresser just like that--no luck so far!

    Wishing you the loveliest week!