Friday, July 1, 2011

It’s JULY!!!! Oh my stars and ….postcards!

I could not find any true 4th of July postcards, but these are

Summer time related!

Vintage postcards(1909, 1912)  from my Great Aunt Molly and Great Aunt Edith’s stash!  Feel free to download them.  Personal use….of course ;)

   So…perhaps this summer you’ll be staying at a cottage by the water. 

                                              Or, take a boat ride down the river?

Maybe visit a local Botanical Gardens.    {click on image to enlarge}                              

vintage summertime postcards  Hopefully you’ll be packing your bags soon to take a little holiday!


Wouldn’t it be fun to explore a Navy Ship? (not in action of course).

summer time todo

Perhaps a visit back home.  That’s what I hope to do soon.  For a little soul restoration and some plain ol’ R & R!!!          I added this cute little “greetings” card (circa 1910’ish)   Sorry about the upside down nursing Book advertisement (circa 1919)  The 1921 calendar corresponds with this July 2011!


This is an actual cover off a jelly glass that has survived all these years.  WOW!  I don’t think I have ANY glasses that survived over 15 years (and THAT’S pushing it) and here this glass is about a 100 years old?!

jelly jar top

Another Cushman’s advertisement for Father’s Day.

Yes, I KNOW it’s past father’s day, isn’t it cute?

sumertime favs

…And last but NOT least.  These photos are really blue and white!  The three ladies dressed up with their white lawn dresses, hat and umbrellas are my GREAT AUNT MOLLY AND AUNT EDITH and my Grandmother Josephine!

I just got to say….Thank goodness THOSE kind of bathing suits and caps are a thing of the past.  (it cracks me up though)  I think it

might be Great Aunt Molly.  She was the daring one!

Have a great July 4th!   Stay SAFE!

summertime 1911

Of course EVERY 4th of JULY needs to have their own first aid kit!

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