Saturday, July 2, 2011

And now…for the flip side!



This well preserved post card from 1914, is still bright with color

and the linen-type front is still pretty white!  I love the saying on the front…

“Take your blue umbrella and pack your carpet bag, and come and make the visit you’ve talked so long about.

Don’t wait till you “get ready” nor till you “have the time”

Tho’ you’ll always find a welcome and our latch-string hanging out.”  LFP


On the flip side of the post card is a precious plea…

“Dear Elizabeth:  Why don’t you and Aunt-Sarah take a run up here, I am sure there is no good excuse for not coming.  Come to So. Framingham and I will meet you, be a sport now.  We will give you a good time.  With love, Edith


Pretty neat huh?  Just thought I’d share this July 4th weekend!

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