Thursday, June 9, 2011

June! Really?!

Wow!  I think I blinked somewhere in the middle of May…

and here it is; the first week of June has come and gone!

So…in honor of June, picnics and  get-together(s) I thought I’d display these photos I “restored” of my family. 

  These four pictures are from a fairly primitive  Ivah,Jo and Marionhome camera; I can

now see why so many used a “formal photographer” ! Restoring

a photo done in a studio comes out focus and clear, even when

you crop the photo.  Not so with home cameras around the 1900’s!

But these photos are priceless to me.  I never knew these

people at this age, but I do remember them all grown up (and

as a little girl I thought they were probably…oh…a 100 years

old or so!

Colorizing (is that a word?) definitely makes them come to life for me. 

Being able to see these young

ladies all dressed up in their 1800 white lawn dresses and bows

just tickles me pink!  The one in the middle is my grandmother,

Josephine, the girls flanking her side are her “nieces”Ivah and Marion. (I’ve posted about them before)



Ervilea Josephine (Jo) Wells Robshaw with neice Ivah CowlesHere is my Grandmother Josephine, age 2, with her niece, Ivah Coles; who is one years old!  So sweet!!! I love these photos and I did a layout, titled “Aunt Jo”. (I will post as soon as I get a good photo of it)

Easter bonnets Ivah and Marion 1908Here is Ivah and Marion!  Girrrrrls!  Now those hats are “what…I’m…talkin’ about!”  That’s some thick ribbon too! Marion and Ivah CowlesAnd here is Marion and Ivah standing outside their Conn. home.  I would say the photo was taken some where around 1913.  (no date on the back of one crumbly-dusty old photo! 


This is a photo of some lilies that I’m growing just outside my kitchen.  I looooove the pink color!  Just after taking this photo,

I clipped the two blossoms and one bud, put it in a vase and

brought it up to my Mother and set it on her table.  (in the dinning

hall)…ya, I think there was a bit of flower envy going on there

at the assisted living dinning hall! (ha!)  My Mother winked

as I smiled…it was one of those special moments! 

Of note…the photo above of Josephine…that’s my Mother’s

Mother!  I bet she was smiling too!


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  1. Hi,
    I just stopped by to say thank you for the post and it is nice to meet you too! I see you have genealogy in your blood also....:)Julie is such a sweetheart and such a good writer, I so enjoy her posts!
    I just read your Memorial Day post and my gosh how very hard this had to be to write! What an incredible tribute to all of the Tommy G's that gave their lives up for us!!!! God Bless you and each and every one of them and their families. I also grew up with my Dad being a WWII vet, and there was no prouder man than my Dad of this country and the armed services. I miss him the most on military holidays, I never really got to tell him thank you for his years of service and time away from his loved ones before I was even a glimmer in his eye... but I know he knows now...:) I will be back often! Sandy