Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pardon Me…while my Picasa has a melt down!

Yes, that’s right, “Picasa” problems.  It crashed! 

…and that means ALL of my photos, scans, added favorites…

went…POOF!  Crashed!  With a click of a mouse…and two days

of trying this…and…downloading that; the problematic Picasa

remained…pulverized into thin (internet) air!

While what seemed like an eternity; I found, yet another

self help website that held some promise for my problem

Picasa!  I came across these little notes that I (won!) from

a “give a way” blog site. “Angels of hope” a collection from

Compendium, Inc. www.live-inspired.com.

“To gain that which is worth having, it may be

necessary to lose everything else.”

                                                  {Bernadette Devlin}

Now THAT was a little  message with a

whole lot of  TRUTH!     I can SEE that

now!    Thank you THANK YOU!  My Picasa

has once again returned to the flock of my Photos! 


So… Onward! 

Toot-a-Loo!  We were off for

    Togaloo  State Park to have a picnic

on (yes this is for real)…Gumlog Creek!

thumbnailCA55F7IE   So we put on our Sunday finery…for picnics, of course!  {no white gloves needed, unless your’ serving}   (images found on line)thumbnailCA0BDV4UPack up the wagon!  Load up the coolers, chairs and charcoal.  {we forgot the matches….who has matches these days???  No one in our group smokes!!}  Ah well…small detail.Vintage-Tours-294x300With ourvehicles all washed and shiny.   We gathered young and oldVintage-Car-02 {photo from  vintageimagewallpaper.com}

and headed off to picnic beside “Gumlog Creek”.  And now that

my Picasa has been restored, I can edit my picnic photos and download to PICNIK so that I can share some of the day’s events!





DSC_0056 This was  our picnic area.  {sigh}  Soooo refreshing!  The sunshine, fresh air, the pine-cone-y-woodsy smells! {another, bigger sigh}   DSC_0133 Will was ready for a game of golf {huh?  no golf balls?…..Awwwh Man!}DSC_0106"I’m sure that was a fish!  Did you see it? It was a great BIG fish!!”  {wink-wink!}DSC_0064And here is the newest addition to the family.  Four month old “Sissy”!  {love the outfit girl!} That’s Mom in the background.   More about Sissy in next post!

DSC_0070  DSC_0185

So many things to do!  Wow…there was even “Timber lane crochet(sp?)   challenge course!”  This girl hits it …home (?)  …is that what one says when one wins in crochet?          

{how do you spell crow-kay?? any ways, spell check didn’t help}DSC_0174DSC_0091-1

All in all… it was a beautiful, sun shine-y


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