Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day find 1940’s style

Top This is one of many weekly bulletins saved by my Grandmother, Josephine.  Now that they were living not far from Boston, Cushman’s were (and still are!) a favorite brand for wonderful, yummy deserts. On the back of each of these bulletins were pictures (paintings) of all the different ships that fought in the war. (WWII)  The idea being that one could collect ALL of the ships and make a wonderful scrapbook.  Naturally…you would have to continue to buy “Cushman’s” desserts!  And by the size of the stack…they did!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Mother’s all over OUR nation to get a surprise visit from our Military sons and daughters?  No better Mother’s day.  For sure!

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  1. What a wonderful ad--I never knew about that collection--how great that you have such a pile!

    I LOVE that new image at the top of your blog--is that one of your family photos?

    Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day, as well, my friend...hope it's just perfect...