Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day and …more about “Sis”

Little Miss Sissy…clearly was the hit of the family picnic!!  Who couldn’t resist this adorable face???!!DSC_0116 DSC_0067 And worthy of all of the pampered affection and paw-petting “lovin’” mixed with squeals of delight from two adoring little girls !  Sissy is the newest member of our (extended) family and is  4 months old her “Mother” tells us.  She certainly has just about the best care AND the best family, a little puppy could ask for!

{of note: you can click on photo to enlarge image}DSC_0070 

  “look at me(!) I practicing to be a guard dog!!!”DSC_0140DSC_0139  DSC_0147  But …at the end of the day…there’s nothin’ better than watching the sunset on the lake.  Just me and my “Dad”!

{psssst…are you gettin’ this camera guy?}DSC_0149DSC_0145

I’m soooo…..(yawn)….sweepy!   Happy Memorial day y’all!

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