Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be MY VALENTINE...not what's her name!

I have seen this photo before and absolutely LOVE it!
The first time I saw was a Valentine card. I bought it for my sweetie, the first of many. (now I make them).
{I got this off one of the other blog sites...and can't read the "Author" of this wonderful appologies}

These two ARE from my Grandmother's treasures. I took a guess
at the colors for their clothes, but it seems to suit them.
Believe it or was a Christmas photo. Must have
been a friend of my Grandparents Wilfred and Josephine.

Don't they LOOK like their names should be..."Frick 'n Frack" (that's what my Mother calls them).
....of course she calls ANYTHING that comes in twos Frick'n Frack.

They look like they've got a plan...Frick and Frack

as they walk...

down the

....railroad track! ;)

You'd never guess where I found this!
Even more...that it stayed intact for...ohhh...
80 some odd years??!!

The edges were a bit frayed...not too bad though. I scanned it in and gave their pretty eyes some color!

Again...I can't make out the artist's name. Does anyone recognize this?
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