Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet, Precious, Unique and Vintage!

This Valentine is an AMAZING find for me. It is obviously hand made.

drawn by an Adult, most likely and possibly colored in (with water colors)
by a child?! See how the colors stayed true?

I love this little verse, I'm almost positive an adult wrote this.

This is a child's handwriting. But who...
is "Auntie"? Some one in my family around the turn of the century...1800's to 1900's that is.
I wish there were more clues. It was neatly tucked away with the other vintage post cards in
Great Aunt Molly's scrapbook. (circa 1911-28'ish)

I'm going to have to search out a picture of Great Aunt Molly.

Let's see she was born about 22 years before MY Grand mother (her little sister) the last of 6 children.
And she (Josephine) was born about...1893.

Oh ya...this'll be a piece of cake! (or...not)
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