Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to my son, Nathan

This was from "Greater Joy" blogspot given to her by a friend. It is such a powerful message. I can only continue to have faith and trust in HIS faithfulness even though it makes me cry. It gives me hope that I will see my children again someday.

Happy Birthday, my sweet son. I miss you so very, very much.

I hope you can love me again some day. Forgive me someday. Talk to me someday.

I remember the day you were born; do you remember "the day you were born". I would tell you every year. When you were little, you wanted to hear it over and over again. Later, when you were much older, you would sigh, roll your eyes and say..."Ya I remember". You are so precious to me.

I will love you forever...and always.

I WILL see you again...I will continue to believe in His faithfulness. I know you believe too.

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