Wednesday, January 26, 2011


These are some 1930-1940's vintage stickers I just "happened upon" that had been tucked away in my Grandmother's and then my Mother's things!
Used most likely to place on the back of an envelope to make a "seal".

These 30 somethin' love held up pretty well, don't you think?
Kind of like the sweet couple I met last night, they had been married 66 years!!
I'm pretty sure that deserves a Nobel Prize...or Lottery winning...or
a huge Crown or something!Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi there, thanks for entering my give a way. You have a lovely blog and I can tell that you are a wonderful lady. Come say hi any time! :D

  2. Good morning! Thanks so much for coming by and for your sweet comment--so appreciated!

    LOVE these vintage stickers--they're in such perfect condition and are just beautiful! Sounds like you have a wealth of family things in those trunks you mentioned--can't wait to see all the things you come up with!

    I've been so lucky to be the recipient of so many of our family things...what a blessing!

    I'll be following along. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Hope your day is wonderful...