Thursday, January 6, 2011

A "Newer" Year

I know...I know, it's almost a week since New Years. But I am still stuck back in New Years Eve.
All of us lucky people working together in a local ER. Lamenting the fact that 2010 went by in a flash. Me? I am personally discouraged because NOW I have to re-train myself to re-member to wRite "2011" after I mastered 2010 in just a few short MONTHS!!! Yup, by May of last year I was wRiting "2010" along with the best of them! {heavy sigh}...2011...Twenty-eleven. I feel like I could BLINK and it would be July! That's how fast the years seem to go now.

Am I getting OLD or what???! {wait...don't answer that!}
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