Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK (Martin Luther King)Day...however...

Yes, today, as a nation we celebrate MLK day, we appreciate
and honor his memory and most importantly...what he stood for ...for ALL people.

But, today; for us in the "deep south" We, the {small group of} people had
a Memorial.

A Tribute.

As we go forth to live a dream.
A dream that was started 88 years ago, will now
our own

I did not photograph this day

my heart

took a picture.

Willie Mae "Hun" H. S.
was laid to rest
on a hill
far away.
beside the old wooden trees.
and yes
there were three.

Heaven rejoices.
Her dream...multiplied.

We know you are happy. We know you will no longer have to "sit it out....but... D A N C E !"

Rejoice Sweet Lady

enjoy your everlasting life

with our Savior.
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