Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a BLUE MOON!

O.K. so I've always heard the ol' saying about something that hardly ever happens as {IT} "...happening in a blue moon."
So....along with ringing in a new year...we have...a blue moon!! And here hare some pictures to prove it!
Tonight we celebrated New Years Eve at the Shrine Club. There several people were talking about the phenomenon of a "blue moon". It is somewhat a novelty, coming once every 19 years {per one weather forecaster}. Now...understand that when I went out to see this {supposed} blue moon, it was nothing out of the the naked eye would behold! My first photo which looked completely normal as I looked through the lens of my camera; however, this is what I saw when I viewed it through my recall! A definite blue hue!

Then a white moon and a reflection(?) of the blue moon?


And most definitely...again! Cool!

{snicker...hehe...rolling of eyes and a smile} I just wonder...after having a few "sips" tonight as many party-goers will, if anyone will mention..."hey I saw two moons tonight!"

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is going to be kinder and gentler to us than 2009! Maybe seeing this beautiful blue moon is a good omen, that we can thank our lucky ...moons...or something like that!
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