Friday, December 25, 2009

Joy to the World!

It still feels like 25th, although it is now officially the 26th. I love this puzzle by Kinkade. Remembering the fun we had putting it together. Always had a puzzle in progress every Christmas. I rember one Christmas when my SIL Brian, secretly removed just one piece of the puzzle and quietly put it in his pocket! No one KNEW this of course, that a piece was missing that is until we were down to just that one last piece! Miraculously, the missing piece appeared and the puzzle was complete!

Now, I live each day with 4 missing "pieces" to my puzzle of life. My heart aches, my spirit spirals downward a little more each day that goes by without my little pieces to make my life whole again. I pray, I hope, I wait...I trust in my Saviors' promise. I will continue to hope I can once again find the precious Joy He gave to me, one on a snowy night just after Christmas, another, a winter's day near Vallentine's day, another in the sweet Month of May and finally on the harvest night of October.

Joy to the World! We can at least cling to His promise of redemtion!
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