Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home on it's CHRISTMAS NOW!

This is the Iraq-"ey" soldier. (Isn't he handsome!)....sigh....
...right, where was I. Oh, yes...

This is handsome Iraq-"ey" soldier's proud Mom.

This handsome Iraq-"ey" soldier proud Grandfather and his brother.

Handsome Iraq-"ey" soldier will be going back to Iraq soon. Too soon.

Just in case anyone has forgotten...
It is men and women; just like handsome Iraq-"ey" soldier that is our real American hero, standing for our
truth, our values, our strength....
that we all get to celebrate the reason for the season of Christmas. In English, in freedom, to celebrate our peace ...with this Nation ..." under God with liberty and justice for all".

looks good on "paper" and it sounds good to hear it. But to actually walk around in combat boots, living that dream. Our dream. Protecting that justice. I just thought, maybe we all need to remember this familiar face of freedom. As he puts into practice what we sometimes take for granted. Not so much, will this handsome Iraq-ey soldier's family ever take for granted, remaining proud, remaining strong ever more.

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