Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 more days 'til Christmas

This is one of (3) designs of this years Christmas Card. I managed to get a few out this year. Not the usual amount I have sent in years gone by, but then, I guess that was another "life" too.
This photograph was taken by my husband, right out side our front door. If you look closely, you can see tire tracks in the snow. Andthat would be a deer standing in the road and those spots you see on the deer are not the youthful, Bambi spots. That would be snow flakes! Something you don't see much here in the South! So in honor of our brief moment of a real winter's day to this Yankee -girl, I decided to use it for this year's Christmas card!

Hope you enjoy. I stitched around the card on my sewing machine. Cut out many little squares/o.k. rectangles adhered with a glue runner, cut out many little sleighs, stamped the back of the card, applied "distressed stickles" to the tree and added a shake or two of Martha Stewart's Holiday "tinsel glitter" and voila a 2009 vintage Christmas card. Oh yes, and for the added pleasure of those that may want to do the old English version of hanging the card on your tree, there is a tied-in-a-bow ribbon on top!

I would show you the other two designs but....ummm...they went out in the mail today. I was in a bit of a rush on my day off to finish up!

Since I will be working the next several days...Merry Christmas. I hope we ALL can find the Peace....Good Will...
in all of us!

"...and God Bless Us everyone!" Tiny Tim in the Christmas Carol. (C. Dickens)
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