Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year day…post 2!

According to Irish folk lore, Feb. 29th




became the one day of the year that it was permissible

for a lady to ask a man’s hand in marriage.  It dates

back to the 15th (?) century.  If the man declined

her offer, it came with a heavy fine.   How silly

this seems today.   






Any who….. in keeping with my

promise to make a double…leap year

day post; here are some more photos.

Most on the continuing saga of

Project Life”.

DSC_0005 So nice to be caught up…finally!



I found that having one long column made it very easy to print out a paragraph or two about that week.  All at one time. Done!


Our lives are complicated enough.  It’s nice to journal these pages with a word or two per photo or a whole little story if need be.








 Spotting the birds singing again and the spring flowers blooming is a BIG deal up north.  Not so much here.  But it still makes me happy!

DSC_0003This is the only full page lay  out that I’ve done since  the new year!!  Credit for this layout goes to one of Jenni Bolin’s design team for my inspiration. I “think” it is one of Lisa Dickerson’s layout for the JB gallery.  I’ve had these photos of these very colorful birds for four years now.  It wasn’t until I saw her layout that inspired me to finally get a LO done.

{actually it’s NOT done yet…still have to journal}


Happy Leap year day!

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