Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just checking in….



After a tumultuous month of working

in our ER where I could swear at times

I was back out on the “streets

of raw trauma” working as a



{image found on-line at “bing”}

I’m now back in the swing of things…I hope.

Beginning in January, I have

“poured” myself into several

different -yet –similar projects. 

Last month,

I was able to view and be inspired by


“Creative Jump Start” hosted by 

the uber-talented Nathalie Kalbach.

She put together this international role-

call of scrapbooking Celebs that would

appear each day via U-tube to share

their own ideas of “jump starting”

their  creativity.

Then, with the ringing in of the new year

brought a new word.

One little word…


{from Ali Edward’s blog site}

started several years ago by one of our

own scrapbooking celebs. (I can’t remember

if it was Ali Edwards, Jessica Sprague??)

This project is fairly new to me;

participating now for 3 years.  This year

I chose: 


HOPE…{looking for}. 

This keeps me focused in a very plain

and simple way!


{photos on-line from “bing”}

I’ve learned a lot from

my 2 previous words “TIME” and “Believe”.


a learn- as –you–go (for me that is)


“Project Life”. 

The brainchild of  Becky Higgins.

I heard of it last year.  I didn’t get much

further.  This year it appealed to my

simpler yet informative side of thinking.

Stream-lining my journaling and

photos.  Becky Higgins has several

prepackaged, ready to go kits just

for this Project Life. 


She has a

wonderful step-by-step  guide

lines and the special plastics for your

3 ring binders! 


I’m taking the frugal,

Yankee way of “making do” with

what you have on hand, approach.

because I have so much darn stuff

to get rid of!

I’m taking photos of my progress.

I’ll be sharing soon.

I think I’m going to like this new

approach.  Not to be replaced by my

full and fussy layouts that I enjoy so


Thanks so much for stopping by!

More later!   Enjoy your week-end!



  1. i SO hope you got some time to relax and recharge this weekend. thank you SO much for stopping by my blog. big hugs. xoxo

  2. SO glad you've had some wonderful creative time after all your "trauma"! Isn't Nat wonderful? was able to meet her two years ago at CHA & she's just absolutely sweet & charming--and a creative genius!

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while--life's been nuts here, too...but I haven't been saving lives like YOU have! (just my sanity...I think!)

    Thanks, as always, for your very kind visits, my friend...I always love seeing that you've been by. I'm going to be a much better visitor now!

    Wishing you a beautiful and PEACEFUL day, dear friend!