Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tiny Tin Types…


I found these delightful  {and very tiny}

tin types tucked away from time

and the light of day in an old box

of dusty and tattered letters. {actual size}


These three precious pictures

surprised me when they

fell out of the folds of a letter

onto the carpet.

I continued to poured over the beautifully

handwritten letters {desperately

trying to make out the words hidden

in all of the swirls} imagining what

life must have been like for them,

my 4th-Great Grandmother ,

my 3rd-Great Grandmother

part of MY family

… my ancestors of long ago.

I believe that they are Civil war error,

1860’s.  The actual size {1”x 3/4”} 

Mother Sandborn

“Mother Sandborn” as I  heard her referred to.

  My 4th Great Grandmother.  She is so petite,

so many  “British” features and expression.

Her hair is still so dark, yet her face

seems worn beyond her years.  {early 40’s? late 30’s??}

Her mouth is drawn. Has she lost many teeth?

  I feel a sense of a calm, sweet spirit when I look at her eyes!


Elizabeth, 'Lizbeth 1860's

One of her daughters; Sarah?

or perhaps Elizabeth {Lizbeth}  I’m not sure.  I’ll have to

research this one. {can’t read the pencil script on the back}Mother Sandborn

I’m thinking this is the same girl…only older? 

Hmmm…it’s a mystery.

I can’t wait to restore these photos a bit

and do a layout.  It will be interesting to find  out …

…the REST of the story!

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