Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Rise of Freedom


  The new construction…the better built

and stronger than ever…

World Trade Tower “The Rise of Freedom”

will be on display as part of the celebration in

NYC marking the 10 year anniversary of


I’m still over whelmed

with a mixture of pride and sadness for what

our Nation has endured these past 10 years.

I am proud of the patriotism our nation displayed.

I am proud that our flag few high, not only from

the ravaged ground zero, but on front porches,

mail boxes and in the back of pick-up trucks

across our nation. 

As every September approaches , my thoughts

return to that day.  And I remember the flags;

how they mean so much more to me now.  How

we as a nation became strong again seeing those

stars and stripes.


I found these photos the other day.

Actually, they were “found” a year ago and I safely

tucked them away only to “find” them all over again!

It’s a family photo of my Dad, his father and sister(s) on

his front yard.  What caught my eye?  

The flags.

Oh, and yes the cute picture of my Dad who was 6 years old!

I’m also pretty impressed that my Grandfather (Clifford) was sitting cross-

legged on the ground with his youngest, 18 moth old  Gloria  on his lap!

My Aunt Avis is sporting a flag on her shoulder as well! {of course

there is only 48 stars}

Look at how my Father is smiling, ear to ear!  He LOVED to fly the American flag…and he always did!

Top-4 Top-4

My Grandmother, Laura holding baby Gloria.  My Dad doesn’t look quite as happy without his flag!

Thought you might enjoy some Vintage Flag flying Photos from…

long, long ago!   {insert smile}   ;-)

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  1. So beautiful written, Molly...loved every word. I get teary seeing flags waving majestically...always will.

    Your precious family photos are just wonderful! Love that you found--and refound them! They are just perfect for now.

    Wishing you a lovely day today, my friend...