Saturday, September 10, 2011

More about Meadows, Sunshine and the American Flag!



A memorial unveiled…

and blessing given

in Shanksville, Pa today

for the heroes of flight 93.


The once brown and scarred pastures




have given way to the tall

green grass of September.

… the meadow’s soft,  gentle breeze

is a welcome partner to the early

Autumn sunshine.

A beautiful and fitting tribute to those who lost their lives on  flight 93 ten years ago, tomorrow.  

Those 40 people who became

thumbnailCAZ42CHJ the REAL first responders, our first soldiers against terrorism

as they made their

heroic battle plans to save others,

many others….

for their country.


The monuments are still modest {phase 2 is planned}

but the names are all there…

etched in stone and surrounded by flags.

Lots and lots of flags.


I wondered…as I watched

family members walk up to

the white stone monument and

gingerly raise their hand

to gently  trace

the precious name of

their loved one.

Can a Mother’s heart “see” a reflection of

her son in those etched letters?

Does the, not so young now, wife

“hear” her husbands gentle voice as the

National anthem is plays?

There is a peace that becomes their face.

An ever so little smile escapes from the

corners of their mouth as another asks for

their picture…with the name.

thumbnailCA6EHNLFthumbnailCA5ZEW20It seems,

there is fierce and wonderful power

in those melodies.  A flag flying high

above can make even the strongest

soldier’s {or police officer or fire fighter}

eyes gleam with tears of sadness and pride.


And perhaps all of “this” is why

it was SO very important to

have our people lend a hand in stitching

the strength and pride BACK into the

flag that flew over ground zero.

The flag that became tattered and


as it guided the heroes of 9/11



{images found on line, via bing}


thumbnailCAPPW94K 911 pa2



  1. Beautiful and touching post Molly... your words brought tears to my already tearstained face... thank you also for visiting my September 11th post, and your sincere comments... I am so proud of you for your service as a paramedic and firefighter and now as an RN... you are a beautiful lady, inside and out... God Bless America... xoxo... Julie Marie

  2. This was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't imagine being in the profession that you were at the time, you knew exactly what those rescue people were going through, it must have been so overwhelming. Thank you for your post pretty girl, xoxo-cindy
    PS thanks for stopping by my blog!