Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Rose garden…and a promise…kept!


Remember this postcard.  Well, I posted it last month.  It was in among the boxes of antique “stuff”.  It has a 1912 postmark on it. This Elizabeth Park, Rose Garden was donated to Hartford by Elizabeth’s husband to remember Elizabeth by {she preceded him in death about 3 years earlier}  They have done an amazing job keeping it all these years.

Anyways…I bring it up because this garden still exists today AND I was recently  taken for a tour by my brother who lives a short distance from it! 27406_100000047058509_1567_sAt the suggestion of his cute wife Jane {who was away at the time on business}


Top-7 Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens 1912  {notice the gazebo on the left}

470_609947 The same garden today. Now notice the gazebo!       {images taken from bing, on-line} 800px-Rose_Garden_and_environs_at_Elizabeth_Park,_August_10,_2008 like in these photos, the roses were not actively blooming on the trellis arches, but the ground bushes were doing nicely!


 thumbnailCARG0OU2Although I’m usually pretty, dog-gone prepared…THIS time I did NOT have my camera with me!!!???!!

What was I thinking??? squirrel-nuts[1] Ahhhh….NUTS! 


Here’s a picture of my OLDER brother and his cute wife.

Now that we were back at their home….168006_1496083691075_1503576300_2886065_6022552_n 

DSC_0626I found some wonderful, colorful photo opps. DSC_0637DSC_0635DSC_0629 Right…DSC_0615 in theirDSC_0613 DSC_0611DSC_0610 …own back yard.



Just like most of our “treasures” are!


{green, back lawn brought to you by the fancy leg work of my brother moving the sprinkler at semi-regular intervals"} ;-D

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