Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Mattie boy! A summer “tail”


The news is all  about people  “…in all this heat”. Some one  even coined the

phrase about dogs… “dog days of summer” which gives me the illusion of crowds of people suffering with the heat, mopping their brow with a limp handkerchief!      

How come there really isn’t any particular comments or phrases to reflect the

feline “feathers” that become ruffled in all of this heat?    Until

now…{:-D        Case in point.   Take Mattie here.  Now mind you

this is a QUEEN size bed and he has all but stretched the entire width from his feathery front paws to his hind feet!  All in the effort to find relief from the heat.   {he’s a Maine coon cat} and measures 36” from tail to paws!    He loves stretching out on our bed because (I’m guessing here) of the overhead fan.    He is a lot of fur, however and he does have quite


a belly!


     DSC_0038 “WHAT belly?”

Out of all my cats, Mattie just seems to be my most photogenic. Or, maybe he just doesn’t want to MOVE very fast so I am able to photograph him easier. 

  I saw a layout done by Keisha Campbell, “A bit-East” {LOVE her work}  and thought it would be “purr-fect” for these spur of the moment photos I took of Mattie last month. {whoops, it is August now…OK 2 months ago}                                  Most of the paper is

from Jenni Bowlin’s line.  Some of the embellishments and papers are from the Soiree, pink paisley line.   I loved the color combination and would have never thought to put them together if it hadn’t been for Keisha’s LO.


 DSC_0138The lace trim is made with Martha Stewart’s punch.DSC_0140DSC_0144I had to do a second page LO.




DSC_0145 DSC_0043   “Yes…It is SO IMPORTANT to keep up  appearances.    Washing behind one’s ears is number one on a cat’s well groomed list!”DSC_0042DSC_0147


DSC_0039       “Are the cameras gone?  Can I relax NOW?”

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