Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trying something new!


Going live with “Windows Live Writer” recommended by a sweet and wonderful California lady!


Here goes!DSC_0017 A photo of the birthday card I made for my Mom, April 11th using the new “Soiree” kit from Pink Paisley!  I made the card using the packing material the embellishments came in!  I took two of the sturdy cardboard, glued the advertisement together leaving the cute yellow polkadots on the outside!  Even had the top that was pre-folded down where I could print my birthday message!  I added the stickers, made some banner flags, laced some mini-cards through to the top and added a big yellow polka dot bow! I was in a rush to get out to her dining hall and set everything up before she came in! {boy…was she surprised!!}

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