Saturday, April 16, 2011

Once upon a time….

 Ervilea Josephine (Jo) Wells Robshaw with neice Ivah Cowles

long ago….

… in a not so far away place there lived two little girls.   

The adorable, sweet little toddler on the left is MY Grandmother, Josephine.  When she was about two years old, her oldest sister, Blanche gave birth to this sweet little cherub on the right!  Her name is Ivah.  They grew up more like “sisters-cousins”  not Aunt and niece as their birth order provided.  I love their sweet little faces.  This is the only baby picture I have of my Grandmother and it wasn’t in the best of condition.  Thank goodness for PICNIK and their special “touches”!

Then one day, about 2 years latter came anther little cherub, Marion.  The 2 girls were now 3 “sister-cousins”! 

Ivah, 13 years old in this photo, Jo ,one with the bow is 15 and little Marion, 11 years old.  I love, love LOVE this picture.  It’s almost like a dream world!

Ivah, grew up very serious, business-like.  Josephine (my Grandmother) grew up very kind, easy-going.  Marion had a tender heart for all animals and although she never had any two –legged children of her own, she had MANY dear four-legged “kids”!     I can’t wait to do my next LO for my heritage album!   “The 3 little sister-cousins”! ;)

Ivah,Jo and MarionMarion and Ivah Cowles Top-3

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