Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now onto “Family” business!


My sweet cousin Marion.  What a story!  Actually my Mother’s first cousin, she lived in Bethlehem Conn.  She was the youngest of two sisters, born at a time when my Grandmother, Josephine was only 4 years old (1898).  The three of them grew up together, more like cousins.  DSC_0003

I remember visiting the farm in Connecticut as a child.  Marion was always kind but one particular winter afternoon I will cherish forever.  It was a family event, driving to Bethlehem before Christmas.  There was plenty of snow that magically covered those beautiful rolling hills of a now quiet homestead.  Being the only child and no other child insight I must have looked terribly bored to my Cousin Marion. {She never married and so, had no children}  Marion asked me what {I}??? wanted to do?  Being pleasantly shocked, I quickly recouped and said.."Let’s go for a walk…all around the farm!”  Cousin Marion quickly put on her farm boots, coat and hat and said…”Let’s go!”DSC_0005 DSC_0006

She lived a long life.  Out living her older sister Ivah and her husband Ovy.  Even today, when I try to relax by thinking of past wonderful events, I think of trudging about the little farm in Conn. and very kind lady that took me under her wing that day.  We had fun together.   Just a couple of cousins in Connecticut, the generational gap seemed to melt away for a time.

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